Rob & Ashley

Our Story

Hi, We are Ashley and Rob!

We look forward to meeting and getting to know you! We met on and have been together for 11 years, married for almost 8 years. We both come from different backgrounds, but these backgrounds have shaped our morals and ethics that align.  Rob is a Business Analyst, and Ashley is a Registered Nurse.  Some of our favorite things to do together is to go to different sporting events, taking road trips, walking on the Monon, watching movies, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends.  We also frequently go to games and events that our nieces and nephews are taking part in. We enjoy spending time together as a family and we look forward to growing our family in an open adoption.

Our Family:

Ashley comes from a very large Italian, German family.  Our future child will be Ashley’s parents’ ninth grandchild.  Everyone is so excited to welcome a new member of the family.  Grandpa is already planning which step on the staircase our child’s stocking will hang.  Rob comes from a small English, German, and Irish family. Our future child will be the first grandchild on Rob’s side of the family.  Rob’s grandmother is already busy knitting blankets for her future great grandchild. Rob’s family is ready to have a little one in the family. 

We cannot wait to welcome a little one into our lives.  Becoming parents is something we have prayed for a long time.  Having the opportunity to create new memories for our family is a blessing.        

Rob (From Ashley):

Rob is my other half.  From the 1996 movie, “Jerry Maguire,” he completes me.  Or could it be from the 1994 movie, “Forrest Gump,” we are like peas and carrots!  If you need someone to be the serious one or someone to be a little goofy, he is there.  He can be there to analyze a situation or go around the house acting like a bumble bee. You name it and he’s got it.  Rob is slow to let people into his life, but when he does he is one of the most loyal people I know. He is willing to do just about anything for the people he loves. 

One thing for sure, he could probably be on an episode of Jeopardy with his vast array of knowledge.  When it comes to knowledge he is like a sponge. If he doesn’t know the answer just give him a few minutes and he will be able to tell all the information you would ever need to know.  With this love for knowledge comes many hobbies. He plays guitar, plays piano, programs computers, paints, and of course old school video games. When it comes to his hobbies he also is very good at sharing them with our nieces and nephews.  He has helped one of our nephews with building a computer for the first time, introduced one of our nieces and one of our nephews to painting, and tries to expose our nieces and nephews to musical instruments whenever possible. Rob shows love through teaching others about knowledge he has.  This is just one of the many ways I know he will show love to our child. Last, but definitely not least, for Rob, anything is possible if he has some music to enjoy along the way.      

Ashley (From Rob):

Ashley is a very loving and caring person who comes from a humongous and loving family. She is one of my two best friends in the whole wide world. She is very open to experiencing new things and new places, even if it means traveling to new places to watch ice hockey!

Ashley is extremely patient and understanding, except when it comes to the Chicago Cubs (Ashley is a diehard Chicago Cubs Fan). Also, we are both from the state of Indiana so naturally college basketball is a mutually shared passion.

Ashley is her profession. She is a Registered Nurse and, according to my mother who is also a Registered Nurse and my father who is a Medical Doctor, Ashley is an excellent Nurse. Our nieces and nephews adore Ashley. She loves spending time with them and is always up for an adventure with them. When I watch Ashley interact with children, I get a small glimpse of the amazing mom she is going to be! She is such an encouraging, affectionate, positive person; I am so thankful is my better half!

Our Home and Community:

We reside in a wonderful community north of Indianapolis that has a fantastic school district. We have a 4 bedroom and 2.5 bathroom home on a half-acre of land. Our home has many parks close by and is also close to a community walking trail. Our neighborhood is family friendly with many neighbors having small children. We attend a nearby Catholic church. We try to live our faith out daily by loving others and showing kindness. We have already chosen and started decorating our future child’s nursery. One of our favorite features of where we live is that there are many things to do and see nearby. But, when we are at our home, it feels like we are in our own little ‘oasis’.


We will be first time parents and we can’t wait for this chapter of our lives.  We look forward to filling our lives with the laughter of a child.  It is our hope to be able to give our child as many life experiences as possible.  It is our goal to raise a child who becomes a respectful, loving, dependable, and independent adult.  

Taking as much time as possible off work to spend time with a little one is something that is important to us. After we return to work, we plan to utilize daycare 3 days a week. We look at daycare as one of many ways for our child to be able to socialize with other children.   If there is a day where our child is unable to go to daycare, Rob does have the ability to work from home and we have many family and friends nearby who are very excited to have the opportunity to babysit. 

We want to thank you for getting to know us.  We hope this profile helps you get a sense of who we are and the life we have built together. We welcome any questions that you have.

  • I make a mean homemade pizza.
  • I can juggle.
  • I have 1 brother, 1 half-sister, and 2 step-brothers.
  • I speak French fluently.
  • Playing guitar and piano are my two favorite hobbies.
  • My music taste ranges from 80’s hair metal, 70’s hard rock, 80’s pop, 90’s alternative, classical music, nu-disco, 70’s funk, and thanks to Ashley, a little country.
  • I’m a diehard fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds, and my favorite team of all time, the Montreal Canadians.
  • French Canada was my home for a time.
  • I hold the world record for the video game Pole Position M.A.M.E.
  • My favorite movie is “Barry Lyndon.”
  • I became a nurse to be able to help my own family as well as others in times of need.
  • I have 3 older brothers and grew up on a farm. I was operating farm equipment before I could drive.
  • The kitchen is my happy place. I try to cook at least one new recipe every week.
  • My favorite movie is “Remember the Titans.”
  • My favorite TV shows are almost all medical dramas, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “New Amsterdam.” However, I love “This is Us” and “Chicago Fire” as well.
  • I am a diehard fan of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Bears, and whatever team our nieces and nephews are playing on.
  • I love to give gifts. I mean full on towers of boxes tied with ribbon and decorated with bows.
  • I am always up for a good road trip as long as there is good company, good music, and fun facts to learn along the way.
  • One of my new found hobbies is decorating our house.
  • My biggest passion is family.
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