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Joe & Willie

Hi! We are Joe and Willie, and we want to thank you for reading our profile. We started dating after meeting on a dating app 9 years ago, and we have been married for 5 years. We live on the northside of Indianapolis with our dog Grizzly. Joe is an aerospace engineer who helps build planes, and Willie is a librarian and college professor. Both Joe and his older sister were adopted at birth, and we always knew that we wanted to build our family through adoption. We are so excited to become dads!

On our first date, we met for coffee, but neither of us liked coffee at the time, so we got hot chocolate with marshmallows instead. Life together has been sweet ever since. We got married in Indianapolis on the four-year anniversary of that coffee date. We are both creative professionals in nerdy careers that we love. Joe grew up in Westfield, IN. Willie grew up in Jackson, MS, and moved to Indiana for graduate school about 15 years ago. We have an incredible community of family and friends in Indiana, Mississippi, and across the country who are very excited to support us as we welcome a child into our home.


About Joe by Willie

Joe is the most creative man I’ve ever met. I remember thinking on our first date, “If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, I want to be with Joe.” He comes up with big ideas, and he is so talented that he can usually make them into reality. Early in our relationship, we lived in two different states for work. Joe designed and built two identical dining room tables, so that we could have our video dinner dates from the same table. 

I know that Joe will be an amazing father, because he is such a loving, caring, and adventurous person in all areas of his life. He loves to build pillow forts and play games. He is at his happiest spending quality time at home or with his friends and family. He is patient and understanding, and he makes everyone around him feel accepted and valued. 


About Willie by Joe

I was first drawn to Willie by his smile and how handsome he is, but I really fell for him because of his honesty, always wanting to learn more, and our shared desire for deep connection. Willie has really fun relationships with our nieces and nephews and our friends’ kids. He volunteers to babysit often and does a really good job at it. Children love being around him and are naturally drawn to him. He understands their language and meets them where they’re at. 

We love experiencing new things and going on adventures together. It is hard to explain how excited Willie gets when he tries something for the first time. After trying snorkeling for the first time a couple years ago, Willie talked about how fun it was for weeks! His joy is contagious and heartwarming. I cannot wait for the adventures we get to have with our child in the future!



Grizzly is a four-year old labradoodle. He is great with kids. He’s very careful with them when they are young. He loves going on long walks and playing in the backyard. Even though he’s really cute, he thinks of himself as something of a guard dog. He always alerts us (barks) to the presence of a postal worker or guest coming up the driveway.


Our People

Adoption has always been a part of our story. Both Joe and his older sister were adopted at birth, and Willie’s mom was raised by her grandparents. Joe’s family lives just a few miles north of us. His sister and her wife have two teenage kids who are active in school and athletics. Our best friends, more like family, are also just a couple of miles away. They have two kids as well. They all are excited to welcome a new baby into our family. Plus, we have a huge, diverse, extended group of friends with small children.


Our Home

We have lived in our beautiful, half acre home for two years. We moved here from a downtown townhome to a suburb because we wanted more room and a quiet street. It has plenty of space for a growing family, including a big, fenced backyard; generous bedrooms; and a finished basement that we constructed ourselves. Our neighborhood has a lot of young families, and it is close to Joe’s family and many of our friends. We live in a diverse area with people from all walks of life. We are also within walking distance to parks and walking trails, and we walk Grizzly on a trail almost every day. 


Our Values

Joe and his sister were both adopted in closed adoptions. Though we understand why this was a choice made at the time, we are dedicated to having openness in our adoption. We understand first-hand the benefits for the child, birth parents, and adoptive parents. We would like a relationship with the birth family that allows our child to know them.

As parents, we want to work as a team to make sure our child feels loved. Every child is special, and we are excited to watch a child develop into themselves in front of us. We want to provide a loving, happy, stable home that can help our child grow up with everything they need. 


Family Traditions

Hot Chocolate for the First Snow: While we were having hot chocolate on our first date, it started snowing for the first time that fall. Because of this, we always share a cup of hot chocolate the day of the first snow of the season. Willie’s mom bought us special mugs to use, and we make sure we always have hot chocolate in the house.

Pride Party: We think birthdays are very special, and we always celebrate them together. However, we go all out for Joe’s birthday. It’s always around the LGBTQ+ Pride Parade in Indy, and we have huge house party. We decorate the house in rainbow and glitter, and we create fun games to play with our friends. It’s definitely one of the best days of our year.

Road Trip Traditions: We love singing in the car. Whether we are driving to go get groceries, or have a long road trip for vacation, we always sing in the car. We started making sing-along playlists when Joe moved to St. Louis, and we were together long-distance. These are often songs from Broadway musicals, or meaningful songs that were played at our wedding. We love to sing and we hope our future child does too!


We hope you enjoyed this brief look into our lives. We know that choosing adoption is not an easy decision, but it is a loving one. We appreciate the love and bravery you must possess. The child we adopt will have two adoptive dads, but you will always be the only mother. We will always respect your choice and honor your role in your child’s life story. 

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  • I have about 10,000 LEGO. It’s probably more, but I haven’t counted them all yet.
  • I am a woodworker and have built a lot of our furniture. I built a seesaw for my niece and nephew over 10 years ago, and it is still in use today.
  • My guilty pleasure is a bowl of popcorn before bed.
  • I was a competitive swimming champion in high school.
  • I started a food pantry in college to help students and employees who were food insecure. The pantry is still up and running to this day.
  • I was a lifeguard all through high school, and I know CPR. I am also a certified scuba diver.
  • I officiated my sister’s wedding. They got married one year after we did.
  • I volunteer at our church, and I operate lights and sound.
  • I am currently in school to get a master’s degree in computer science.
  • In 9th grade, I was told my spirit animal is a manatee and I’ve believed that is true ever since.


  • I read about 20 books per year, and there are stacks of books all over the house.
  • I didn’t eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until after I was 30 (I only ate either a peanut butter sandwich or a jelly sandwich, not together). I think they are overhyped, but okay.
  • I believe that a cup of tea and a nap can solve just about anything.
  • As a child I spent my summers playing with my cousins at my grandmother’s house, and those are some of my happiest childhood memories.
  • I am a published author of many articles, presentations, and book chapters.
  • I have completed five half-marathons.
  • I am a good cook, but I do my best cooking when I am hungry. I get really driven to taste certain flavors together and it’s awesome.
  • I have taken up gardening recently. I just planted hundreds of native plants in our backyard. They are good for butterflies and bees.
  • I can often be found crushing it at trivia night.
  • I lead book studies and bible studies at our church. I love discussing books with friends.


  • Everyone who meets me immediately says that I’m a good boy. I think I’m a great boy.
  • My daddy Joe is best at scratchies and cuddles and my daddy Willie is the most fun to play with.
  • I don’t like car rides, but if it means hanging out with our friends and family, I will tolerate it.
  • I wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I can’t make any promises about squirrels.
  • I am a Capricorn, but I don’t know what that means.