Kevin & Abby

Our Story

Hey! We are Kevin and Abby.

We have been married for eight years and together for eleven. We are so excited about expanding our family through open adoption! Kevin is a steelworker and Abby is a school social worker. Our favorite things to do are spend time with family, go to movies and sporting events, have game nights, and travel. We live in northwest Indiana with our two amazing golden retrievers, Rudy and Autumn.

We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to getting to know you!

We actually have known each other since we were in high school, but did not start dating until we were in college. A few years into our marriage we struggled with infertility which delayed our wish to start our family; however, we have been open to adoption for a long time. We are thankful for the struggles that we have experienced as they have made us grow stronger together, and we are committed to overcoming obstacles, just as we will be with parenting a child. Our favorite things to do are to spend time with family and friends, travel, going to the movies, attending sporting events, taking walks with our puppies, play Pokémon go, have game nights with family and friends, driving past the beach while drinking coffee and listening to music, and decorating our home for the different seasons. We also have the honor to be the God-parents to three wonderful children: Liam, Carson, and Stella.

We can’t wait to become parents and include a little one into all of the activities we love to do now and create new favorite activities as a family.  Family is our number one value! Some of our family traditions while celebrating the holidays are spending time with both extended families, cooking Italian food, and matching Christmas outfits with Kevin’s family (we love looking ridiculous!).

MEET ABBY (From Kevin)
Abby is an amazing woman who is passionate, nurturing, and thoughtful.  She is a social worker for the school system and I have to say that it is the perfect job for her.  Abby cares for each child that she deals with and will do anything to make these children live better. Abby’s passion for what she believes in is something that I love about her.  The way I see Abby with children and how she can be firm but also nurturing just assures me that she will make a great mother. I know Abby will be a great mother because of the way I see her interact with her cousins, nieces, nephews, and god-children.  Whenever we go to a family function her godson Liam always comes running towards Abby with open arms and a smile on his face.  When we are out and about she sees things and says “so and so” would love that. I see how she talks with the children and how they feel they just open up to her, it’s really heart-warming.   Abby is a hard worker and once she sets her mind to do something she gives it everything she has.  Abby is a shy person when you first get to know her but once you do she is loyal, caring, and compassionate.

MEET KEVIN (From Abby)
Kevin initially attracted me because he is outgoing and always doing something crazy to make people laugh. Kevin has the ability to get along with anyone. He is dedicated and loyal to his friends and family and would do anything for them.  Kevin is also very thoughtful and always knows the perfect surprise gift for me, I never know what to get him because I know he will always outdo me!  Kevin is the hardest working person I know. Although his work schedule can be crazy he always puts family first even if that means losing a few extra hours of sleep. I know Kevin is going to be an amazing father! Whenever we are at family gatherings he is the biggest kid there and is always involved in whatever game they have going on. Although sports and activities with children come naturally to him, I have also seen the softer side come so easily as well. I have seen him read night time stories to his niece (he fell asleep too!). I am so excited about watching Kevin being a father.

Rudy and Autumn are our two golden retrievers who we absolutely could not live without! Rudy is 8 years old. He is super smart (almost too smart) and his favorite thing in the world is a brand new tennis ball! Rudy’s favorite person in the world, other than us, is his grandpa Randy (Abby’s dad), we swear he knows what grandpa means. Autumn is 6 years old and she is our sweet little cuddle bug, she is happiest when we are curled up together and she is getting to rest her head on someone. Rudy and Autumn love going on walks and car rides, especially ones that include stopping for an ice cream treat! They are so excited about having a little brother or sister!

We live in Northwest Indiana in a brick cape cod 4 bedroom home with a large front yard and fenced back yard just waiting for a little one to play in.  We have a room we are in the process of preparing to be the nursery and are open to having you input ideas on what to include! Our community always has something to do and is great for families including the beach, zoo, and parks. We are also a short drive from Chicago and South Bend which provides for more adventures. Our community and school system is diverse and has opportunities for students academically as well as extracurricular activities.

Family is everything to us!  Kevin is one of seven children, with several nieces and nephews. Abby has one brother who is married. Abby’s family lives in the same town as us so we see them often. Kevin’s family lives in different places such as our town, Indianapolis, and Texas. We are very close with our extended family and spend a lot of time with them. We enjoy going on family vacations, playing games when we are all together, frequently attend many sporting events for the kiddos in the family, and going to community events with the kids like boo at the zoo. Holidays are so much fun and always filled with family.  Diversity runs throughout our extended family and a child with a different background than ours would be readily welcome and loved by open hearts. Abby’s mom, Pat, is excited to become a grandma for the first time! Pat is planning on retiring to help look after the baby. Everyone in our family is excited to welcome home the next member of our family!

We are excited about the journey through an open adoption. We came into this process open to the idea and have really learned a lot about how wonderful this can be for a child. We are committed to exploring what an open adoption can look like with you!


  • I love everything Norte Dame, but especially ND football. I have season tickets.
  • I am the 5th out of 7 siblings in my family.
  • I only know every word to one song – “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet boys.
  • I like things to be neat and organized.
  • I am a closet nerd and am one of our community leaders in Pokemon go.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with yard work – those darn acorns!
  • I was the quarterback of our high school football team and also played baseball.
  • The one thing I absolutely will not eat is Cheetos!
  • I am terrible at directions; Abby makes fun of me all the time for not having a clue where we are going.
  • I host a fantasy football league for our family and friends every year, but I have yet to win the trophy and I’m jealous Abby has!
  • I love everything Harry Potter and can’t wait to go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the butter beer is truly amazing!
  • I played the clarinet and saxophone.
  • I love going to concerts and have lost track of how many times I have seen Fall Out Boy.
  • I make my passengers crazy when I am constantly flipping through songs to find just the right one that matches my mood.
  • I love to travel; as soon as we are back from vacation I am ready to plan another trip
  • Growing up all I ever wanted was a puppy, now I have the best dogs I could ask for!
  • I love going to the movies, and MUST get popcorn!
  • I’m a terrible cook, but I’m working on it… thank goodness for Kevin!
  • I hate to admit it but I love reality tv.
  • My favorite sports to watch are volleyball and basketball, loved playing volleyball but hated playing basketball.
Our Pups
  • Rudy is a toy detective, he finds toys hidden anywhere!
  • Rudy pretends he is a guard dog, but greats any guest with a toy in his mouth ready to play and ready for a belly rub.
  • Autumn thinks she is the queen and takes over the entire bed!
  • Autumn loves snuggling everyone, mom, dad, and brother Rudy!
  • They both love walks, rides in the car, and of course treats!
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