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Hello! We’re John and Maggie, and we are so grateful to have this opportunity to connect with you. We’ve been married for 14 years and have so much fun together!  We’re truly best friends and spend time going for hikes and walks with Violet (our daughter) and Cooper (our dog), watching Netflix, and even running boring errands-it’s more fun when we go together!

One thing to know about us is that we’re an open book. We value honesty, and pride ourselves on being open and accepting of other people. Our relationships with family and friends mean everything to us, and kids are a huge part of that.

Our hearts brought us to adoption. From the very beginning, adoption just felt right, like this is exactly what we are meant to do, and Violet proved that to be true. Maggie grew up with tons of cousins and loved spending holidays and Sunday dinners with her big family. John’s family is small but very close. They talk or text almost every day.  We look forward to getting to know you!

John is adventurous and loves his family well! He takes his work and his family responsibilities seriously but be warned that everything else is fair game for poking fun! John loves to crack jokes. He loves all things comic: watching funny movies, stand-up comedy, telling the same silly stories with his friends over and over (and over). He has such a strong balance with those traits—being brave enough to pursue his goals, working hard, being responsible, but also having so much fun along the way. Life is never boring with John! His father left when he was a kid, and he learned a lot from that experience. He is a very involved, active father with Violet, and she adores him! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in parenting.

Maggie is amazing! She radiates strength, grace, and confidence in a way that comforts and reassures everyone who meets her. She can just as easily offer advice and listen to your troubles as sit around and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls with you. When she makes friends, she makes them for life. She’s patient and loving with Violet, in a way few parents can be.  She’s my best friend, and my inspiration.  She is the foundation from which Violet learns strength, resilience, and the fact that she can do anything. She’s not a great singer, but I love it when she sings. Which she does. A lot. She’s my best friend, and she’s my inspiration.  She’s funny, smart, and tough, all of which she’ll inspire in our children. Maggie’s family supports each other through thick and thin. She wants to encourage her children to be adventurous and creative, and let them learn to be strong and independent. I know that Maggie’s determination, compassion, and grace will make her a strong mother, and one who will raise a strong, caring child.

Maggie works from home, which we’re grateful for because she gets to spend so much time with Violet without daycare, and John is a scientist. Plus, with flexible work schedules, we get to do things like meet Maggie’s parents for breakfast before work or take Cooper to the park at lunchtime.

We bought a home in 2015 that felt right for growing our family. It’s full of warmth and love… and dog and cat hair… Lately we’ve been working on the second nursery. Maggie’s sister passed along her crib and dresser from her baby. We painted a bookshelf and picked out tons of children’s books and stuffed animals to decorate the shelves. And Violet is ready to share her things!

The best part about our house is the backyard, which has a swimming pool. We hoped Cooper would enjoy swimming, but he refuses to get in! But, we’ve had fun inviting friends and family over for pool parties. Since our siblings all have children, we can’t wait to have cookouts for all the cousins this summer. We love playing with our super-adorable dog and two sweet cats who bring us so much joy. They play and snuggle and hike with us, and the dog hang out with our nephews who give them way too many treats.  We appreciate that there are excellent schools nearby and will encourage our child to be an active learner and pursue different activities they enjoy!

Our extended families are super-excited about the adoption process, too. Maggie’s family lives in Indy, too, and her mom called dibs on being the babysitter! We have a guest room in our new home, and John’s mom says she’s going to make good use of it to get to know her new grandbaby. Our families inspire us to love fully and welcome others with open arms and without judgement.

We are thankful to have an open adoption with Violet’s birth parents. We see them throughout the year and have a shared photo account so that they can see pictures of Violet every month, and we exchange emails frequently. We hope that we could develop an amazing relationship with you as well!

We’d love the opportunity to get to know you and to answer any questions you might have now that you’ve read a bit about us. We hope you’ll consider us as parents as you go through this journey. We wish you all the best,

  • John loves to crack jokes
  • He loves all things comic: watching funny movies, stand-up comedy, telling the same silly stories
  • When she makes friends, she makes them for life.
  • She can just as easily offer advice and listen to your troubles as sit around and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls with you.
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