David & Stephanie

Our Story

Hi! We are Stephanie, David, and Reagan. We have been married for 12 years, with Reagan making her debut in 2016, and we are enjoying the journey of life together. David works as behavioral consultant and therapist with children and adults and Stephanie works in the sports industry on the business and human resources side. We enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, and spending time with our extended families and friends. Our life is about joyful relationships, connection, love and we hope to connect with you on this journey.

Our Family and Traditions

We went to high school together but never connected as a couple until three years later after graduation. We found each other ironically at our high school during our younger siblings’ spring choir concert. After the show, we both spotted each other in the crowd and began to chat- Then it clicked! This small twist in the stars led us back to each other where it all began, and we have been together ever since! 

We were surprised how quickly and well connected we became, sharing our love of pop culture, television shows, musicals, sports, and movies. We enjoyed similar songs, played similar games, and were both athletes. Our family values were very similar too. We celebrate all of the holidays from New Year to Christmas and all the opportunities to participate in laughter and celebration with the family and friends in our lives. While we found our person, our journey was not been without struggle. After deciding to grow our family the darkness of infertility, miscarriages, and heartache seemed to take over. Then in 2016 an IVF miracle happened- we were blessed with our wonderful daughter Reagan who brought the light back into our lives. We realized after another round of IVF that she might be the only child we ever have, but we realized we had more love and joy to provide. Our journey has led us to you, and we want to share the happiness our family has with another blessing of growing our little family.


David on Stephanie

Stephanie is strong, kind, compassionate, and loyal. She is the best at being a mom and spouse who is always willing to put others above herself. At work, Stephanie is a go-to person who can be counted on to give her best, be honest, and speak her mind all while being sensitive to the needs of the people and the situation. Stephanie is an amazing mom to our daughter Reagan. Stephanie can be a bit shy when she first meets new people, but once she knows you- look out, she can quickly become someone’s best friend. Stephanie volunteer’s time with her sorority where she guides and shapes the minds and lives of young women across the nation. She is clutch with difficult decisions and has changed my life, head, and heart in so many ways. Stephanie is also pretty hilarious and also knows how to make Reagan and I smile, whether a clever comment or the trending viral video. I love her more than words can describe, she is my world, and it the shining light that guides Reagan and me. She makes me a better person just by loving me. 


Stephanie on David

David is funny, caring, sweet, and loyal.  He is an incredible father, sometimes waking up early and surprising Reagan and I with breakfast from scratch or donuts. He has the biggest heart and will fight for the people he loves and cares about.  He is passionate about helping others, especially those less fortunate. He has the determination and attitude that if someone tells him it can’t be done, he will find a way. I love David’s dedication to his work with children- he sees the person they can be and knows that with time and effort positive change can happen. His patience and hope for those he works with is inspiring, which makes me and Reagan love him even more. What I appreciate and value the most about him is that he wants to make this world a better place by helping people. He is outgoing and will strike up a conversation with anyone that will listen. The biggest surprise is his wealth of knowledge about random facts. He is smart and witty, and always knows how to make me and Reagan laugh. He is very smart and loves to read and research in order to learn new things in order to better understand the world. . Deep down he is a kid at heart, in a good way, which one of the many reasons he is an amazing father and husband


Extended Family & Friends 

Our friends and family are so important to us. They live locally and we love spending time with them and they are such a help to us!  We have a very diverse support system with our friends who are not only friends but pillars of support. Both of our families are larger, which makes every get together an adventure filled will laughter, smiles, and connection. Our support systems (friends & families) come from every walk of life, background, and point of view- they ground us and fill us with hope and support. Family for us fills our cup that sometimes it spills over and so we are so grateful. 


On Parenting

Our parenting style has created the space to teach values and beliefs of strength, confidence, and self-love so our family always knows what we are worth. We make it a point to create wonder and exploration and also the room to make mistakes to learn from them.   

We  parent as firm and fair, allowing for exploration and natural learning. Our desire is to adapt to our children to meet them where they are, and we will adapt as necessary. In short, balance boundaries and expectations with positive outcomes when earned/deserved, natural learning when necessary, and allowing mistakes to be a teacher. Choices matter and teaching a child how to make good choices is important to us.  Reagan looks forward to helping, hugs, and changing dirty diapers, at least right now. We believe that understanding, acceptance, strong identity and togetherness is the path for raising a strong, confident, honest, and compassionate person- as long as love, nurturing, and balance guides the way.


Our Home

We live in a large, peaceful 4 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom home in a quiet, family oriented, and diverse suburban neighborhood with sidewalks and a community park. Our sweet dog Bella loves running around in our fully fenced backyard with Reagan. We love taking walks or bike rides around the neighborhood and area parks. Neighbors can be seen daily walking their dogs, greeting one another, and kids playing. We love that there are so many families with children who play together, and everyone seems to know and look out for one another. There are excellent schools nearby and so many fun things to do in the community!

Thank you for learning about us; we are hopeful that we may be a great fit for you and are excited about getting to know you!

  • I can hold an entire conversation using pop culture references, movie quotes, song lyrics, gifs, and memes.
  • I won national championships in competitive speech in college and during graduate school coached others to several national championships.
  • I dance and sing like nobody is watching even though everyone seems to be staring.
  • I summitted Mt. Haleakala with Stephanie in Hawaii to watch a double sunrise then rode down the volcano 25 miles on a bicycle reaching speeds of around 60 mph.
  • My favorite hobbies are reading, research, and listening to music.
  • Stephanie and I once danced in the rain for an hour when we were dating.
  • I have over 50 self-generated playlists on Spotify with each having a purpose.
  • I love coloring with colored pencils as a relaxation technique- Reagan loves that I love that too.
  • I served as the official for both of my sisters’ weddings.
  • I LOVE golf, even though I am HORRIBLE at golf, I love it because of the 8-10 great shots I have per round, it makes me smile.
  • I love Broadway theatre. Especially Musicals. Like really love Broadway- I once waited 8 hours in the cancelation line to see Hamilton on Broadway and got 8th row center and met the cast afterward!
  • Reality TV Shows are my guilty pleasure- Real Housewives of Anywhere.
  • I’m very organized and love lists- there’s nothing better than checking that completed box.
  • I love Disney and making family travel plans.
  • I hate cold weather.
  • Italian food is my favorite, especially when David cooks it.
  • I have watched the same soap opera since the 6th grade.
  • I think that Diet Pepsi’s existence is an insult to Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi needs to delete their account.
  • One of my favorite things is when I figure out a new Excel function! So Exciting!
  • I am obsessed with Chapstick- I have a stick in every area of my life, car, work, home, in my pocket, my purse, you name it.
  • My favorite color is purple...no pink...well pink and purple.
  • I love riding my bike and playing outside.
  • My favorite foods are cupcakes and cookies.
  • I can sing most Disney songs and about 10 Beatles’ songs (thanks Dad ☺).
  • My favorite thing to do is reading books… and watching My Little Pony.
  • I am a 13-year-old mini schnauzer mix.
  • I am 100% attention hound- I love to sleep and cuddle next to family members.
  • I am the world’s best vacuum cleaner picking up any snacks that fall on the floor.
  • My favorite food is whatever Reagan drops on the floor.
  • I am lovable- I have my human next-door neighbor trained to give treats when I’m outside and my human family are inside.
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