Danny & Brittany

Our Story

Hi there! We are Brittany and Danny, and Zeke.  Brittany is a 4th grade teacher, and Danny works as a chemical engineer.  Zeke is an energetic two year old who cannot wait to have a brother or sister to play with and love. We are a warm, welcoming family who love to take walks with our dog, Hamilton, and play with all things water in the backyard together. We are a down to earth couple who are easy going, joyful, and very family centered. Sometimes we like hiking and exploring, going to the zoo, spending time with friends, and being out and about. Other times we enjoy a quiet night in with a pizza and Netflix or playing board games together. No matter what we are doing, we love doing it together. We cannot wait to add another bundle of joy to our lives through adoption.

About Us

We met as freshman in college, and we had many common friends throughout our first year. At the start of our second year, we began having dinner together around campus and really getting to know one another. During our first dinner, it was clear that we had a lot in common and a true friendship and care for one another grew from there. After months of dinners together, we finally went out on our first official date off campus. Our relationship has grown from a foundation of friendship that has led to our ability to communicate with one another through all the challenges life has in store. Our relationship is one based on not only our love for each other, but also trust, joy, laughter, and snuggling. We got married just three weeks after we graduated, and we started our life together in Indianapolis. Some things we like to do together are taking walks, watching Netflix shows, playing board games, and bowling.


Danny Describing Brittany

Brittany is the sweetest girl you will ever meet while at the same time having a heart that is fierce, strong, and willing to accept everyone she meets, especially those who need love the most. From the first time we had dinner together in our college dorm, I knew the connection we had was beyond special. It was more than just her beauty and her smile, but her heart that I fell for. Becoming friends, falling in love, and marrying her over 7 years ago was the easiest decision of my life. Waking up and falling even more in love every day has been icing on the cake. Brittany loves deeply and in that she pushes me and everyone she meets to be the best version of themselves. She doesn’t let her students, her friends, or her family settle for less than the best in a way where she really works her way into your heart. Being quiet and introverted, it takes time to get to know her, but once you do, you have the best friend in the world.

Brittany is playful, gentle, and a complete natural when it comes to motherhood. When you see her hold a baby or give a bottle she looks right at home. She has such patience reading a book with Zeke or practicing words with him. She is always intentional and quick to get right down on the ground to play and laugh with him. It is truly a joy to see her love on Zeke and desire an even bigger family to share her heart and her warm smile with.


Brittany Describing Danny

The first time I saw Danny I thought to myself, “He must be a really nice guy!” all because he was wearing a Chicago Cubs jersey, and I grew up in a family full of Cubs fans. Getting to know Danny as a friend, I quickly learned that my first assumption was more than accurate. I eventually concluded that not only was he a nice guy, but he was also a keeper. 

Danny is an active participant in life, and he finds joy in every situation. While we were in college and still just getting to know each other, I loved going to the football games to watch Danny perform in the marching band. He played the drums, and his goofy, passionate self came out in those performances. He just had the best time playing and performing with his friends, and he didn’t have any other care in the world. I fell in love with Danny’s joy and presence, and he brings that to our lives every single day. When I am with Danny, he makes all my other problems seem so small, and if they aren’t small, he talks me through them logically until they at least feel a little better. 

Danny is especially present to Zeke. My favorite time of day is when Zeke and Danny play chase, and Zeke runs and giggles as he anxiously waits for Danny to catch him. Zeke loves dancing and being silly with Danny, and the two of them giggling and wrestling together make my heart so happy. 



After getting married we spent the first couple of years exploring our new city and adjusting to life after college. We made friends quickly through our church, and we leaned on them a lot when we had a first pregnancy end in miscarriage and then spent years struggling with infertility. Our friends and family mean a lot to us, and they were the first we told about our plan to adopt. They have supported us completely from the very beginning, and they never cease to love Zeke. 

We also love the area that we live in because we have so many things within walking distance. Zeke’s favorite park with a splash pad is at the end of our street. Our neighborhood also connects to a walking path that we take most Saturday mornings to the local donut shop. Between Zeke and Hamilton, we spend a lot of time exploring the surrounding area on foot, and we have all come to love our area.


Extended Family

While our extended family does not live in town with us, we still manage to visit them often. Family is very important to both of us, and we really enjoy spending our time with them. Danny’s family loves having big family dinners and playing games together. Anytime we are in town, there is bound to be a game night after a delicious meal. Brittany’s family is all about the babies with Zeke being one of six grandkids, we spend our time playing and chasing all the kids around. Brittany’s parents have a lake house, so in the summer we spend a lot of time swimming and boating on the lake together. 


Our Parenting

After adopting Zeke it became apparent what our top priority was as parents – being present. It came easy to us to just be there for each other and for Zeke. We make sure to be intentional at all times with Zeke and be present to his needs. We are gentle and patient, but also try to push Zeke to be the best he can be. We have found that being joyful and positive really goes a long way to helping create an environment where Zeke is free to explore new things while being safe in our guidance. We can feel ourselves learning and growing stronger as parents as Zeke learns the world around him too. 

We love sharing Zeke’s adoption story with him whenever we can, and we pray for his birth mom every night before bed. We desire for Zeke to grow up knowing his story and how loved he is by all of his family. We hope to have an open relationship and will always honor our child’s story. 

We are so excited to add another baby to our family, and we cannot wait to meet you!


  • Grey is my favorite color… because I am color blind.
  • I don’t eat my fruits or vegetables because of an allergy. Cheeseburgers are better anyways.
  • I’ve played the drum set since I was in 7th grade.
  • I enjoy woodworking, and I built our kitchen table.
  • I love music, especially rock. My favorite band is the Foo Fighters.
  • Video games are my favorite hobby. Legend of Zelda and Destiny are my games of choice whenever I have a chance to play.
  • My buffalo chicken dip is requested at every family Christmas.
  • I cried tears of joy when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016.
  • I would spend 24 hours a day playing board games if you asked me to.
  • I think I have eaten so many pretzels that I am starting to turn into one. I love them in all forms: soft pretzels, pretzel rods, pretzel sticks, pretzel buns, etc.
  • I consider myself an ice cream expert. I love trying new ice cream places and ranking them based on the flavors they offered and the taste of the ice cream.
  • Gilmore Girls is a constant in my life. I have watched the entire series at least 25 times.
  • My younger sister is my best friend. We are three years apart, but growing up we were always just called the “little girls” because we were always together and our extended family had a hard time telling us apart.
  • Would you rather questions are my favorite. Would you rather be forced to sing along or dance to every single song you hear?
  • My favorite way to relax is with a coloring book and a fresh set of colored pencils.
  • As a 10 year old, I completed the rarest feat in softball, an unassisted triple play.
  • Mowing the lawn is my favorite chore. It beats washing the dishes any day.
  • I have run 2 half marathons, and I am currently training for a third.
  • Napping is my favorite.
  • When we race on Mario Kart, I always choose Koopa Troopa.
  • I love “gucks” (trucks), especially the ones that dump at the construction site.
  • I enjoy playing outside when I can run and run and run.
  • The zoo is my favorite adventure because of all the animals. I especially love the monkeys and the elephants. They both make me laugh.
  • I love being helpful around the house from watering Mom’s flowers to taking out the trash.
  • I make friends everywhere I go with my big smile and contagious giggle.
  • I love going on long walks although I will accept a nice afternoon in the sun when my humans are feeling lazy.
  • I will do anything for a milk bone and a nap.
  • I love that Zeke eats table food now because I finally get all his scraps.
  • I don’t bark because life is too short to get angry.
  • When I get really excited, I can spin my tail like a helicopter.
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