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We are Angela and Eric and we want to thank you for considering us as an adoptive family for your baby. We live in NW Indiana with our daughter Fawn and our two Boston Terriers, Mickey and Willy. Eric is a 3rd Grade Teacher and Angela is a Regional Level Manager. Although we don’t know the challenges that you’re facing, we hope that you find your way through this process with ease and comfort. Here is a glimpse of what life could be like for your baby in our loving family.

About Us

We met in 2006 at a bowling alley in Michigan, not far from where we both grew up. Eric was a karaoke host and Angela was there with our mutual friends. Soon, Angela realized that Eric was talented, smart, and shy- so she made it a point to tell everyone around her how much she liked him. What she didn’t know was that Eric was telling all of his friends the same thing! He was falling for the pretty, fun-loving girl that everyone else seemed to know and it wasn’t long before he asked her on a date. We were married two years later in 2008. We always knew that we wanted to have children and after a series of pregnancy losses, we decided to build our family through adoption. We welcomed our daughter, Fawn, through adoption in January of 2021 and we can’t wait to meet you to discuss your plan for your baby.

About Eric by Angela

Eric is a loyal, funny, and kind person. He loves having one-on-one meaningful conversations with people. Eric is a fun and devoted father. He loves to make Fawn laugh as much as possible and teaches her all about her surroundings. Eric is an old fashioned romantic. Sometimes, I find a bouquet of carnations (my favorite flower) in my car when I get in it to go to work. He shows his love through doing special things like making a dinner picnic on the lake or booking a surprise bed and breakfast trip for the three of us. Eric supports the people that he loves. As a teacher and an uncle, Eric shows kids how to feel good about themselves and how to treat others with kindness. His sense of humor makes it easy for kids to talk to him. I can’t wait to see Eric show a new baby the love that he’s been showing Fawn.

About Angela by Eric

Angela is s very honest and caring person. She loves animals, nature and being with her family. She’s a hard-worker, a loyal friend and the funniest woman I’ve ever known! She’s also an incredible mother, putting our daughter first, above everything else. I’m constantly inspired by her dedication to Fawn and her commitment to giving her the best life possible. Angela always lets the people that she loves know how much she cares for them. If she is looking at a beautiful sunset, she will give you a hug and tell you that she is glad that she is seeing it with you. She always makes it a point to see the good things in life and to do the right thing. If I’m ever feeling down, she’ll ask me to list what I have that makes me happy. It helps every time!

About Fawn

Fawn is a happy, sweet, and playful little girl who we adopted as an infant in 2021. She loves music, books, animals, and exploring new places. She’s really interested in how things work and loves playing outside, especially on the swing. She loves to help daddy feed the dogs and help mama fix things around the house. We can already tell she’d make a great big sister because she loves showing off what she knows and giving lots of hugs.


We are both close with our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Eric has two older brothers, one of which has a teenage daughter who loves playing with Fawn at their home in the country . Eric and his brothers all love movies, music, and cracking jokes. Eric’s favorite memories are staying up late, watching movies, and eating junk food when they all shared a room as kids. Eric’s parents have been married for 49 years. Aside from raising three kids of their own, they were also dedicated foster parents. They gave a lot of kids a loving temporary home that made them feel safe while they waited for what was next. Thanks to this, Eric spent many years as a temporary big brother!

Angela has an older sister and two younger brothers. She grew up riding her bike everywhere, climbing trees, and making up silly games with her brothers and cousins. Angela and her sister still share many inside jokes about their favorite 90’s movies. Angela’s sister also has a daughter who’s in college, and a teenage son who loves to play computer games with his friends. Both of them adore Fawn and love to take her on adventures to restaurants, Indiana Dunes and anywhere they can! One of Angela’s brothers has two future step-children and her other brother has two young sons who love to teach nature and getting dirty outside. Angela’s Mom has been married to her stepdad for 25 years. Her mom is a retired kindergarten teacher and she loves baking cookies with Fawn and knitting her new clothing. Her Dad has been married to her stepmom for 18 years. We spend lots of time with them at our family cabin where we like to go fishing, explore waterfalls, and have fun swimming in the Great Lakes.

Our families were so excited to welcome Fawn. She is very loved and they can’t wait to add another baby to the family!


We live in a quiet town in NW Indiana that has fun festivals, great schools, and peaceful surroundings. We carefully chose our city for its charm, cultural diversity, and nature. We found a two-story home with big windows in every room, three big porches, three bedrooms (including a nursery), a finished basement/playroom, and an antique farmhouse feel. We have a large front yard and fenced-in backyard, which makes our dogs very happy! There are several parks in the neighborhood and one of them is right on our corner. A typical Saturday or Sunday morning includes the three of us walking to our local diner for breakfast, then going to the park for playtime.


We are dedicated, supportive, and adventurous parents. We like to stay in tune with how Fawn’s development is at each stage so we use support and discipline that she understands. We love to go on family adventures, whether it be our nearby zoo or a trip to the ocean. We consider parenting our most important priority and we want to make sure our child(ren) are safe and happy, with good manners, and a desire to love and respect others. As adoptive parents, it’s important for our children to understand from a young age that adoption is a part of their story.


Thank you so much for learning more about us. We hope to meet your soon, depending on your comfort level. We believe in openness and we want you to know that if we make an adoption plan together, you’ll always have a relationship with your baby.

  • I love to go shopping for antiques.
  • My favorite vacations are tied between Bodega Bay, California and Bar Harbor, Maine because of the coastal town vibes.
  • I enjoy doing yard work like trimming the bushes, raking the leaves, planting flowers, feeding birds, planting grass, spreading mulch, you name it.
  • I love decorating spaces and often help my friends and family with their homes.
  • I’m a big fan of old movies and TV shows: Alfred Hitchcock movies, Bette Davis movies, and Columbo, just to name a few.
  • I own all of the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. My stepmom even got one of the actors (Spike) to send me a congratulations video when we adopted Fawn.
  • I enjoy building things and fixing things with my power tools.
  • I know how to catch, clean, and cook fresh trout out of the river by our cabin.
  • My favorite music is soul music, like Elvis Presley, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Otis Redding. I’m also a huge Whitney Houston fan.
  • My favorite food is definitely chips and salsa.
  • I’m on a committee at work that organizes volunteering activities in neighborhoods in Chicago.
  • I went to college for photography and still do it as a hobby.
  • My favorite book is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark which I used to read every day growing up.
  • I co-host a successful podcast about movies every week with two friends of mine that I’ve known since we were kids.
  • Cooking is one of the ways I relax and I enjoy making meals most nights for Angela and Fawn.
  • I take my Halloween costumes very seriously and will sometimes plan for months.
  • I love to make short films. One of them even got into a film festival in Southern California.
  • My favorite musicians are David Bowie, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits.
  • I have been drawing portraits all my life and l often gift them to friends and family.
  • I love spicy food - the hotter the better!
  • I once illustrated a children’s book called Kayla and Rex.
  • I love the paranormal and will watch any show about ghosts and hauntings.
  • My two favorite shows are Cocomelon and Masha and the Bear.
  • My favorite food is gyros with tzatziki sauce.
  • My favorite book is Goodnight Moon.
  • I love to help feed the dogs and fill up the bird feeders.
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