The Untold Stories of AOI: Part 4 – Lifelong Support


Dear Friends,

With the New Year approaching, many of us are reflecting on the past year and making plans for 2019. One thing that never changes, year over year, is the lifelong support we provide our families.

This Christmas, dozens of gifts were donated for three birth families. Friends of AOI, like you, donated everything from books and clothes, to baby dolls and dinosaurs, to gift cards and pots and pans. We worked with two of these families this year, but one of the women we wanted to support this year, is a birth mom from a number of years ago who is now fighting cancer. We are always, ALWAYS, here to provide free support, counseling, and community as long as it is wanted.

Just two weeks ago, we hosted our Birth Family Christmas Party here in the office. We caught up with families from years past, celebrated new babies and engagements(!) and enjoyed the company of one other. We also host a Birth Parent Support Network, an online community where birth parents can safely and respectfully discuss relationships with their child’s adoptive family, celebrate new photos or comfort each other through difficult times.

Events and special projects like these are always available to birth families at no cost to them. The ONLY way this level of support and commitment is possible, is through the support of our generous donors. We thank you for your continued support.


Adoptions of Indiana

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