The Untold Stories of AOI: Part 1 – Options Counseling


Dear Friends,

As we reflect on some recent placements and prepare for an upcoming delivery, we are always thinking about how we can provide MORE support, love and care to the families we serve. From meeting with the hospital social workers to ensure they know what to expect, to visiting with birth moms as they begin to heal, physically and emotionally, there are many parts of adoption you DON’T hear about. We’d like to share a few of those stories with you.

This week, allow us to introduce you to “Callie”, Callie is a teenage girl who unexpectedly found herself pregnant. She and her boyfriend, “Josh” were scared and not sure where to turn or what to do. She called Adoptions of Indiana and we are so glad she did! Amy & Becky, were able to meet with her in her hometown, get to know her and Josh and talk about their dreams for their future, as well as their hopes for their baby.

Not only did we provide support to Callie and Josh, but we were able to support their parents as they processed the stress and anxiety of the situation. We helped facilitate conversations with the families about what it would be like to parent this child, as well as what an adoption plan could look like. In the end, Callie and Josh decided to parent their baby, with the support of their families. Even though this situation did not result in an adoption, we are glad to be able to counsel them and connect them with resources to make the best decision for their family.

The services Callie, Josh and their families received were provided at no cost to them. The ONLY way this is possible, is through the support of our generous donors. We pride ourselves in offering quality care to women and families all across the state of Indiana and we appreciate your support to allow us to continue this work for people like Callie and Josh.


Adoptions of Indiana

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