Stories That Have Touched Our Hearts


Being part of the Adoptions of Indiana family is a gift. Daily we are each inspired, challenged, and filled with respect as we work with all members of the adoption triad. This February, we are recognizing how blessed our agency is to be part of some amazing love stories. From the monumental decision of making an adoption plan to smaller acts of kindness within families, we are touched by the love that surrounds us on a daily basis. Many stories are not shared, but are occurring regularly in our circles. These stories, however, have touched our heart, and we hope they will yours as well.

Learning about others and what makes them happy shows how much one cares. Recently, one of our dads learned that his child’s birth mother was crazy about pizza. The next time they were together, he showed up with a pizza he had made himself with all of her favorite things!

Once a couple’s profile is online, classes are completed, and clearances checked, the wait is difficult for prospective adoptive families. One woman gave her husband an electric drill for Christmas hoping they would be putting together a crib over the holidays. Such a simple gift. However, to this waiting dad, it was more than a tool. It was his connection to the process. Something he could DO while he waited. It was a gift of love.

Another beautiful story illustrates how adoptive parents’ love and commitment grows even before meeting their child. Recently, a child was born with unexpected medical needs and she spent the first part of her life in intensive care. Uncertain as to what the prognosis would be, when the adoptive family was asked about their intentions, they simply responded by driving long distances to and from their hometown, spending nights in a nearby hotel, and holding their daughter for hours as she healed. Their love and commitment inspired us all.

Just recently, we learned that one of our adoptive families actively works to care for their daughter’s birthmother who lives in a developing country. In order that she might find employment, the adoptive family helped her through beauty school. When she found herself in an unsafe area of the country looking for work, they arranged for her safe transport home. What a beautiful connection!

We love the intimate bonds that can form between adoptive and birth mothers. Recently, we learned of a pair that after having mani-pedis, went together to get tattoos signifying their commitment to their forever family and their adoption experience.

Knowing the importance of family, a prospective adoptive mom went to a local pizza place to meet with members of the expectant mom’s family, including the expectant mom’s children, to get to know them, have some fun together, and make memories.

Why do we share all these stories of love? Years ago, at the time of placement, an adoptive mom purchased matching ornaments for both the birth family’s tree and their own. Every year, her son lovingly places his ornament high up on the tree in a place of honor. This Christmas, his family celebrated with his birth mother’s family at her home. “Look, we have the same ornament!” he shouted over the Christmas excitement. His birth mother said, “Yeah, no one is allowed to put that ornament up but me.” He exclaimed, “Me too at my house!” He simply beamed. The result of his family’s combined effort? A happy child full of love. The ultimate goal for us all.

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Agency Spotlight:

Adoptions of Indiana has had a very busy month! We have had four placements in three weeks’ time. Becky and Amy have traveled all across the state to provide support, welcome children, and celebrate with adoptive families. One woman shared, “…It has been an amazing blessing to see how love they have for her in person. They’ve been waiting for their daughter a really long time.”

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