AOI Update: September 2019



Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, Fall is officially here! We hope your family has some fall traditions to enjoy together as we kick off the end of 2019 and start to think about the holiday season! In the last few months, we welcomed five more babies to the AOI family! We are thrilled for these families who will be celebrating holidays with new babies and birth families this year! Please join us in welcoming Poppy, Leo, Simone, Clark, and Charly!

Here’s what else we have been up to:
We worked with more than 45 expectant women in need of answers, support and options. No matter what they decide, they know that WE are here for them, whenever they need us.

We welcomed eleven new prospective adoptive families into our placement program. As you likely know, we keep our placement program intentionally small so that we are able to provide personalized support to each prospective family, expectant parent and child. Our goal is to help build respectful, educated, and happy families.

We counseled and sat with six expectant and waiting families as they met for the first time and got to know each other. Although that first meeting is inevitably awkward, ultimately, the expectant families decided they were ready to be matched!

We worked with 26 prospective families through the adoptive home study process.
Thirty-five families participated in workshops, presented by leaders in adoption education and twenty families came to our orientation sessions to learn more about our placement program.

We are honored to provide support to birth and adoptive families every step of the way.


You have the right to choose the type of ongoing communication with the adoptive family.

Discussions about the options for post-placement communication and updates are an important part of pre-adoption counseling. You should have the opportunity to discuss post-placement communication directly with the adoptive family. A wide variety of options should be available to you.

Some birth parents love getting text updates, while some prefer the photos be sent to a private photo app that they can access whenever they want. Some families have visits a few times a year and spend time together. You might decide you aren’t ready for visits right away and that is okay too. It is important to remember that openness can be fluid and talking about expectations and preferences honestly is so important!

Click here to see all of your rights. We are here for you 24 hours a day. Please contact us at 317-505-1786.


Save the date! On November 9, I-FACE (Indiana Families for Adoption Communities and Education) is hosting a movie night! Bring your favorite growler of beer to share as we view the movie, Closure, a documentary of a transracial adoptee’s search for her birth mother and the meeting with the family she has never known. Pizza will be available and feel free to bring a side dish to share. Start time is 6 pm. Please RSVP to

(A gracious I-FACE member is opening her home in the Indy area to watch this movie. Because of this, the venue address will be provided once your RSVP has been received).

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