AOI Update: November 2019



Here at Adoptions of Indiana, one of our favorite traditions is sharing the holiday spirit with a few of our wonderful birth families. As you plan your holiday shopping, please consider including one of these families on your list. In the world of online shopping and free delivery, we have created an Amazon Wishlist if you’d like to purchase something and have it delivered to our office. If you’d like to shop for a specific kiddo or birth mom, please contact our office and we can give you specific wishes or sizes.
Please plan to have your gifts dropped off or delivered to our office no later than December 17 so we can make arrangements to deliver to the families prior to Christmas.

Shop for Birth Family Christmas Wishes here! Thanks for helping us share the love this season!


As you may remember, Adoptions of Indiana works hard to educate women’s health professionals about respectful adoption language and how to talk to clients about adoption as an option. Amy Nicholas, our Coordinator of Outreach Services, is in her third year of training Planned Parenthood clinics in IN/KY.

After a recent training, Amy received a call from a clinic staff member who had just met with a patient for a pre-operative termination appointment. The staff member was very excited to share that because of the training she had just received, she was able to talk confidently with the patient about adoption as an option. And, the patient decided not to pursue the termination of the pregnancy and would likely reach out to Amy in the next couple of days to discuss adoption as an option.

Amy also received a call from a young woman later that week who had been referred by another Planned Parenthood clinic and wanted to learn more about adoption as an option!

You can donate and support these life-changing trainings here.


You have the right to have assistance with any communication breakdown between the birth and adoptive family.

We are here to help facilitate relationships between birth and adoptive families. As time goes on and life changes, sometimes these relationships change as well. We are always available to ensure that desires and expectations regarding openness are clearly communicated and parties are honoring their agreements. In the event that there is ever a miscommunication between the birth and adoptive family, we are here to help through mediation.

Click here to see all of your rights. We are here for you 24 hours a day. Please contact us at 317-597-5312.


The year 2020 is a BIG milestone for Adoptions of Indiana: we are turning 25!! We plan to celebrate year-round and have some exciting things planned! We have set some big fundraising goals to allow us to provide even MORE options counseling and adoption education trainings. Stay tuned for more details on how you can help make our 25th year the biggest one yet!

If you are interested in getting involved with the celebration efforts, please reach out to Amber Sermersheim at 317-597-5312 or

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