AOI Update: March 2020



During this difficult time for everyone, Adoptions of Indiana continues to review guidelines from the CDC and ISDOH to ensure we can responsibly respond to the global outbreak of COVID-19. It warrants our attention to help keep our clients, staff, and their extended families safe and healthy.

We continue to provide home study services, utilizing screenings to minimize exposure, social distancing and excellent personal hygiene. We are utilizing teleconferencing where appropriate. Additionally, we are exploring new ways to provide our clients with excellent services and educational opportunities.

Our staff may be working from home or in the field at any given time, so if you need to visit the office, please call ahead at 317.505.1786. We have decided to postpone our monthly workshops, classes and events through at least the end of May. Sadly, we have also decided to postpone our Family Fun Day scheduled in June.

We continue to provide options counseling for expectant women and we are available 24/7 via our pregnancy helpline, text and online chat services. We are committed to providing the same standard of care, compassion and support that we have always been known for. Our dedication to the women and families we serve is unwavering.

We will continue to stay apprised of community health guidance and update you as things change. We appreciate your continued support.

Hold your families close and stay healthy!

AOI Family Spotlight:

Meet Derek, Amanda & Poppy Lou! They shared their family’s adoption story with us:

“We got married in 2009 and wanted to start a family right away. Adoption was always something we wanted to pursue, but after trying biologically. After many years of failed infertility treatments and being foster parents for a short time, we decided to pursue private adoption in January 2019.

As we began our search for finding the right adoption agency for us, we found Adoptions of Indiana. We met with Amy in February and then again March. We loved how straight forward she was and how much emphasis AOI places on support for birth moms. We also knew that we wanted an open adoption and that AOI was very supportive of that.

We began our home study process in May 2019. Anxiously, we asked if we could work ahead on forms and documents within the portal. Allison was all for us moving a brisk pace. Little did we know at the time how quickly things would move along!

We finished our last home study meeting at the end of June and just over two weeks later, we were bringing home our 9-month old daughter, Poppy! We were open to a non-infant placement and when Amy called to ask if we’d like to put a mini profile together (that’s right, we hadn’t even had time to put a profile book together yet!) to show a mom considering adoption, we said yes, of course!

We matched and then had to wait five very long days, due to the July 4th holiday weekend, before our first meeting her mom. To our surprise, we also got to meet Poppy at that first meeting as well! It was an overwhelming experience, to say the least. I (Amanda) was so overwhelmed in fact, that Amy called to check on me on our way home. Once Derek and I were able to wrap our minds around this incredibly brave birth mom and her sweet little girl, we came back two days later to meet again and brought Poppy home with us that day. We will never forget sitting in Amy’s office and her saying, “Congrats, Mom and Dad!” when we learned that we would be bringing our daughter home that very day!

We love our AOI family and stay in touch regularly through emails, texts and social media. We also keep in touch and visit with Poppy’s birth mom. We can’t thank AOI enough for helping grow our family!”

We are so happy to be a part of your beautiful story. Thank you for being part of the AOI family!

If you are interested in sharing your family’s story, please click here for more information.


How is everyone holding up during this unprecedented time in our lives? Hopefully you are taking care of yourselves and maybe even enjoying some extra family.

If you are like us, you might be ordering items from Amazon rather than heading out to the stores right now. If so, please remember to use Amazon Smile every time you shop and a percentage of each purchase is donated to AOI. This is a great way to support the mission of Adoptions of Indiana during this uncertain time. Over the year, these small donations add up to a significant impact for the women and families we serve.

Learn more about Amazon Smile here.

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