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This is a BIG year here at Adoptions of Indiana! Not only did 2020 bring with it a new decade, it is also brought our 25th anniversary! We’ve had the honor of serving countless expectant parents, adoptive families and adoptees. This year, we will be celebrating YOU year round. Without your family’s adoption journey, we would not be here! We will hear from birth parents, adoptive parents AND adoptees.

We are also hard at work planning some fun family activities, opportunities to get together, and maybe even a night out for the grown-ups! Stay tuned for more details! If you are interested in helping plan, please contact Amber at


Meet Justin, Melissa and Ryker Sanders! They shared their adoption story with us:”In 2018, after struggling with fertility issues, we decided to look into adoption. We were nervous (you know, all those Lifetime movies), but excited to start the process.

We met with Amy during the summer, and instantly fell in love with her and AOI. Everyone was down to earth and made us feel comfortable. We learned a lot from the workshops AOI offers, and busted through our home study so we were home study approved by the fall.

In February, we got THE CALL FROM Becky. We had been chosen by an amazing birth mom, and the baby was due in just a few weeks. In a whirlwind, we met and started our relationship with Ryker’s birth mom the following week, and on February 27th, our beautiful son was born! We spent 4 days in the hospital with Ryker and his birth mom, building a relationship with her and falling in love with him. Amy, Becky, and Jennifer were there to support all of us through the entire process.

Ryker is now almost two, and we have continued our relationship with his birth mom through texting and sharing pictures and getting together every few months. We are so thankful for AOI and the work they do…they are what helped us finally make our dream to be parents a reality!”

We are so happy to be a part of your beautiful story. Thank you for being part of the AOI family!

If you are interested in sharing your family’s story, please click here for more information.


As you know, Adoptions of Indiana is a nonprofit adoption agency, focusing on four programmatic areas:

  • Options Counseling
  • Community and Professional Education
  • Adoptive Family Support
  • Lifelong Birth Family Support
  • Adult Adoptee Support

This year, we will talk more about each of these areas and the tangible impact our programs have on our community. These programs are not possible without the support of our generous donors. Today, we ask you to consider how your dollars might help us have an even greater impact all across the state of Indiana. In celebration of our anniversary, can you pledge $25 a month, for 12 months and help us make a difference? Give Today!

For other giving opportunities or to learn more about our programs, please contact us at or 317-342-9832. We truly appreciate you!

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