AOI Update: January 2019


Happy New Year Friends!

We hope 2019 is off to a good start for you and your family. With the new year, comes new goals and resolutions. At Adoptions of Indiana, we have also set goals for the new year: to serve more expectant families, to empower and equip more families and to raise crucial funds to provide options counseling and lifelong support.

We are already hard at work providing options counseling to expectant women, meeting with new prospective adoptive parents, putting on educational workshops, coordinating match meetings and even welcoming a new baby into the world! Through all of this, we want to share our biggest New Year’s Resolution with you: a promise to ensure expectant women are aware of their rights as they make one of the most important decisions of their life. Stay tuned this year as we share stories of empowerment and strength.

Adoptions of Indiana


You have the right to be free from pressure or prejudice in exploring various options concerning the birth and subsequent well-being of your child.

Because this is an important decision, you need time to make it. Your adoption resource should help you explore all your options and assist you to plan for your child’s future, not insist you choose a family immediately or to reassure them continually of your commitment to your adoption plan.

At Adoptions of Indiana, we pride ourselves on being a safe place to talk through your options and resources that are available to you, without judgment or pressure. If you decide to create an adoption plan, or to parent your child, we are here to support your choice.


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