AOI Update: February 2021


Happy February!

It’s clearly winter now, and between the snow and pandemic we are all spending more time at home with family. It’s cozy and can be a time for deeper conversations. My kids are now much older, but I still remember some of our conversations that helped them understand important topics.  It’s led to more intimacy between my sons and me.

Since February is Black History Month, it’s a good time to introduce amazing people of African descent who have positively impacted our world.  I don’t know about you but I’m still learning about black men and women who weren’t openly revered when I was growing up.  I remember watching “Hidden Figures” and being riveted and profoundly affected by the women’s story. It’s a chance for me to continue to learn as well.  We all learn together.

Whether we are parenting transracially or not, we can all help our children respect diversity and understand the brave and talented people from all racial backgrounds.  Here are a few links for you to review and a webinar package we thought might be helpful to you as well.  As always, we’re here to walk along-side you throughout the adoptive cycle.

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