AOI Update: February 2019


All You Need Is Love…

“Brian” and “Lindsay” are the proud parents of a new baby boy!  Their son’s birth mom, “Brittany” met with Adoptions of Indiana late in 2018 and chose them to parent her child.  They got along well at their match meeting and kept in touch as the due date drew near. Brittany shared that she had picked out a name for the baby and when he arrived, Brian and Lindsay honored her strength and love by giving him that very name. They spent time together at the hospital and the genuine love and trust among this new extended family was apparent.

When it seemed that Brittany may need to stay in the hospital longer than expected, Lindsay started making arrangements for Brian to take their new baby home so she could stay in the hospital with Brittany. Fortunately, everyone was able to go home and they have already shared sweet visits together! This level of kindness is unmatched and we are so proud they are ALL part of the AOI family.

Know Your Rights

You have the right to confidentiality. Even if you are a minor, placing your child with an adoptive family is your decision and should be respected.  We are here to help you navigate relationship dynamics and talk to your family about your adoption plan, but only if you want to. We will never talk to anyone about your pregnancy without your express permission.

At Adoptions of Indiana, we pride ourselves on being a safe place to talk through your options and resources that are available to you, without judgment or pressure. If you decide to create an adoption plan, or to parent your child, we are here to support your choice.

Creating A Family

Have you listened to the “Creating A Family” podcast? This weekly show discusses everything from infertility to adoption, race identity to parenting resilient kids. It is definitely worth a listen. Click here to check out one of our favorite episodes!

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