Adoptions of Indiana’s 12th Birthmother’s Day Celebration


On May 5, 2016, Adoptions of Indiana hosted its 12th Birthmother’s Day Celebration. This precious event is held each year to honor the women amongst us who chose to give their child the gift of life. We pay tribute to those who found a family to love their child despite their own, deep desire for motherhood and their own pain. Each year, we pay tribute to women who selflessly chose adoption.

The women who attend each year reflect on their own experience and share what this day means to them. We would like to share some with you….

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“The words escape me as I try to express my gratitude for this program. You have helped me conquer a fear. This night has helped me realize that (making an adoption plan) was right for me, my son, and his adoptive family. I’m so proud to have come to my first Birth Mother’s Day dinner and to become part of something amazing. I have sisters now that understand. I have a bond. I am so thankful for this.”

“He’s 10 now….Thank you for everything you do…I’m still growing because of you.

“One of the hardest questions I have to answer is, “Do you have any children?” I have hit a point where I have stopped being reticent with my answer and now say, “Yes!” and explain. I’m proud of myself. Not just for my choice – I’m most proud of the core will of strength this choice reveals. My strength is unmatchable, beautiful, and a central aspect of me. I love my daughter. I love myself.” Kay-Kay and Libby

It amazes me to hear the hearts of my sisters – birthmothers. We exude strength. I see such light, hope, compassion in each of their eyes. Tonight, I did not feel alone on this journey. Tonight, we celebrate the gift of life. How I treasure these women and those who walk along side them being their encouragement and constant support.”

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“It’s been almost seven years, and this is still one of my most looked-forward-to days of the year. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share this important event with all of the other birthmothers and to hear the experiences of others. It is always uplifting, healing, and encouraging. This year is different for me as I embark on the journey of more openness in our adoption. I feel so blessed, so thankful, and so hopeful.

It has been incredible to see and listen to so many other women who have been and are still on the same journey as me. I am really thankful for this chance to be recognized as a mother, especially since I am on this journey without my family’s support. This is one of the only places where I am considered a mom. It doesn’t always feel like it, but this experience, this journey, has shown me that I am a lot stronger than I thought….so is each and every single woman who is a birth mother.”

Adoptions of Indiana offers expansive services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy to make sure she has factual information and a non-judgmental atmosphere to consider her options and make the best plan for herself and her child. Compassionate, professional, and respectful services continue post-placement as long as she would like.

Adoptions of Indiana offers a monthly support group called the Birth Parent Network that meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, a private on-line community called Indiana Birth Parents where ladies support each other and share their lives daily, individual and family counseling services, and special events for the birth parent community.

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We’re all excitedly getting ready for our 2nd annual family fun run/walk—

Adoptions of Indiana’s In It for the Long Run 5K!

Sunday September 18, 2016 @ 1:00 pm.
Hendricks Regional YMCA
301 Satori Parkway
Avon, IN 46123

It’s going to be a great day to celebrate family!

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This year we encourage you to use our Peer 2 Peer fundraising tool too!

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