Adoption Resources for Pregnant Teens: Where to Turn


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Being pregnant as a teenager is difficult, especially if it is unplanned. It is challenging to balance work, school, and home life as a new parent. Pregnant teenagers have a high risk of becoming unemployed, dropping out of school, having difficulty caring for their children, and experiencing mental health issues; that’s why they must receive the necessary academic, emotional, medical, and social support. Here are some resources to assist you with teen pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy Counseling 

Unplanned pregnancy counseling for teenagers may be the best option for you. This is due to your confusion about what to do now that you’re pregnant and stressed. At such a young age, you may be concerned about making life-changing decisions that will negatively impact your life if not carried out properly. Unplanned pregnancy counselors are available to assist you. 

These well-equipped professionals would not pressure you to decide but would instead support the questions and feelings you are experiencing. They will help you understand your pregnancy options and offer advice as needed. For free assistance, contact Adoption of Indiana. You can also consider contacting your school’s guidance counselor for pregnancy advice and other resources. 

Adoption Agencies for Teen and Other Expectant Mothers 

Many adoption agencies, including AOI, can help you learn about these unexpected pregnancy options if you’re considering placing your child for adoption. If you decide adoption is the right path, AOI will walk you through the entire teenage adoption process. 

Trusted Friends and Family Members 

Because of the uncertainty of how family and friends will react to the news of teen pregnancy, it’s easier for teenagers to seek help elsewhere. However, this may be a surprise; loved ones can be a strong support system if you learn to trust them and give them a chance. They will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by your pregnancy news, but they will respect your decision and support you whenever you need them. They want you to be happy and will go to any length to make that happen. 

Local Health Clinics  

Local health care is critical for pregnant young people. They offer low- or no-cost services. These clinics can help you get the best medical care possible while pregnant. They can also refer you to a nearby hospital for delivery and advise you on the best options available based on your pregnancy stage. 

Parent’s Rights and Privileges 

In Indiana, a birth father may agree to an adoption before the child’s birth by putting it in writing, signing in front of a notary public, and acknowledging that his consent is permanent and that he does not need to be informed before the adoption takes place. In contrast, the birth mother can sign the consent document after birth. This will give her time to spend with her newborn and consider whether to retract her statement or not. 

While the parents may not be compensated for placing their child for adoption, they may be granted some benefits. These could include prenatal and postpartum care and delivery coverage. Utilities and the first month’s rent would also be reimbursed if necessary. 

Maternity Homes for Unexpected Pregnancy 

Those who go through teen pregnancy are often concerned about their parent’s reactions. Some may consider living elsewhere until deciding how to proceed with the pregnancy, whereas others may be evicted by their parents. If you are in this situation, or know of other teenagers who are, a maternity home may be an option. You will be given housing and other resources to help you through your unplanned pregnancy. 

Even though maternity homes are free, you may be required to meet certain eligibility requirements and may be compelled to make pregnancy decisions there. 

Regardless of how you choose to live, we recommend you disclose your pregnancy to a loved one. This can help you determine whether or not their home is a better option for you to live in. Also, feel free to Contact Adoption of Indiana for free support. We are here to help you make the best choice and have a fulfilled life.  

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