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Pregnancy Questions?

Expectant parents will find respect and compassion from the staff at ADOPTIONS OF INDIANA. Staff members and volunteers include birth mothers who understand the decisions still ahead of you. It is our mission to provide you with a comfortable and safe place to talk about your options and to gather useful information, support, and guidance through your decision making process and beyond. Whether you decide to parent or make an adoption plan for your child, we promise to support you. We are always available to you and we are happy to meet you wherever you are comfortable. Call us toll free at 1-888-573-0122 to speak to us when you are ready. Volunteer. Donate. Review.


  • Adoption Connect Club

    04/10/2014 to 04/10/2014

    Nearly all adopted children are asked questions about adoption by friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, and strangers. Children, especially those ages 7-11, need to be prepared to handle these challenging moments. We can help them learn how to respond to these questions through fun adoption related activities designed especially for this age group. Two parent sessions

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  • Adoption Information

    04/14/2014 to 04/14/2014

    Free monthly seminar to introduction to our domestic adoption program. Questions are encouraged throughout the presentation.

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  • Birth Parent Support

    04/24/2014 to 04/24/0201

    This is a group were you can talk openly about your joys, challenges, and concerns as you live life as a birth parent and receive support, wisdom and encouragement from others who have walked the same path. This group is led by our licensed staff and is free for all birth parents.

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  • Birth Mother Celebration

    05/08/2014 to 05/08/2014

    This night honors and validates birth mothers for the role they have in their birth children’s lives. Women invite a support person in their lives to attend this dinner and ceremony with them and enjoy an evening together with others who understand their journey. 

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  • While We Wait

    05/21/2014 to 03/21/2014

    This group is open to all waiting prospective adoptive families. Gain support, education, information, and network with other families also experiencing the unique challenges of “the wait.”  

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