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I am a School Counselor and work closely with Social Workers, Therapists, and Youth Advocates both at my church and within the community. My passion for working with youth has allowed me to work with children and their families of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Eventually this led me to wanting children of my own. I do not have any fertility issues, but being single led me to praying about adoption. In the beginning of my adoption journey, my family and friends did not know or understand much about adoption. Therefore, it required a lot of education. After much patience and perseverance, I adopted my beautiful daughter, Makayla, in August 2015 and all my family and friends instantly fell in love with her. I am a proud single mother by choice and motherhood has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

I would like to begin by thanking you for reading my profile and possibly considering me to be a part of your adoption plan. Already, I admire your courage to embark on what has to be an incredibly challenging decision. If it will help to ease some of your anxieties, I would like to provide you with a glimpse of my lifestyle and background:


Marshay According to Makayla

My mommy is kind and always thinks about other people first. She does a lot of nice things for me and tells me that she wants the best for me. Sometimes she can be a little shy, so I’ll do something silly to make her laugh. I am glad that God made her my mommy.


Makayla According to Marshay

My daughter’s name is Makayla, but all of our family and friends call her by her nickname “Kay”. She is my social butterfly! Her personality and smile are infectious. She enjoys meeting new people and oftentimes pushes me out of my comfort zone to become more social. Our family and friends absolutely adore her, and we are always getting invites to birthdays and other social gatherings. I have found that the older she gets the more responsible and mature that she becomes. Even before I considered a second child, she wanted a sibling. I almost can’t put into words how ecstatic she is about becoming a big sister! She can’t wait to help with her sibling and teach them everything she knows.


Adoption Community

Currently, my daughter’s birth parents have opted for a closed adoption. However, should they ever change their minds, we would embrace an open adoption without hesitation. I joined a single mothers adoption support group a year before my daughter was born and have remained connected with the group since. There are about 15 mothers and twice as many children. Some of the women have adopted more than one child, as I hope to do in the future. This support group has been healthy for us as mothers and for all the children. My daughter can connect with other children also adopted at birth. We meet multiple times throughout the year. I waited a few years before embarking on this journey again because I wanted to make sure it would be a good fit for my family. This season of my life is perfect, and my daughter is at a great age to understand more about her adoption story and be able to share it with her sibling.


Support System

Although there is only one parent in the home, I know that I can lean on my support system. My daughter’s godparents are her second parents, and they are truly rock stars! Whenever I need them, they are there for me. They pick her up from school, help with her homework, tend to her when she’s not feeling well, attend her athletic and extracurricular events, and the list continues to go on. We are also blessed to have both our Indiana and Ohio family for support. All in all, they help me to become a better mother.



God blessed me to become a homeowner and build my very first home in 2014. My neighborhood is diverse with families and children of all ages and races. Some of our favorite outdoor events include visits to our neighborhood park, nearby splashpad and bike rides on the trail. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants nearby. Some of our friends live close by which makes it easier to arrange play dates with our children. Our house backs up to a field which gives us extra backyard space to enjoy with family and friends. We live within walking distance to the County Fair and a family-owned Pumpkin Patch, so they are annual festivities that we attend.



I strongly believe that there must be balance in everything that we do in life. This matches my parenting style to ensure my child(ren) has a balanced, healthy, and well-rounded view of the world. My most important job is being a parent and giving them the tools they will need to succeed both now and in the years to come. I will always strive to make sure their spiritual, social, emotional, and academic needs are being met. Being a counselor, we have a lot of conversations in our home centered around open and honest dialogue. My daughter and I have developed a strong bond as a result. Already she knows that she can come to me with anything and everything without fear of judgment. She understands my love for her is unconditional and without limitations. Reading is also very important in our home so each night we take turns reading different books. This has proven to be extremely beneficial as my daughter has developed a natural love for reading. She is also one of the strongest readers in her class.



Since I am employed through the school system, I have summers off, and two-week breaks sprinkled throughout the year. I love these moments because it allows me to have extra mommy time. My plan is for the baby to attend the same small in-home daycare that my daughter attended. The owner has been in business for over 20 years and attends my church. Her daughter is a registered nurse and checks in frequently throughout the week. Once the baby is three years old, she will attend the same. private Christian school as her big sister. It has small class sizes, a teacher’s assistant in every classroom, and high academics. Kay enjoys helping her teacher and classmates at school. Kay is the youngest of five birth siblings, so it is in her DNA to want to be around other children.



I love and embrace diversity, so I make sure to educate my daughter on other cultures and ethnicities. We love attending festivals and community events where we can learn more about others and grow individually and collectively as human beings. Even when we go on vacation, we make sure we visit different museums and exhibits. One of Kay’s close friends is bilingual and has started speaking to her in Spanish. I am enjoying seeing the bond that they are forming. Kay’s school has also started a sign language club that she likes to attend at the end of the school day.



We are a very active family and one of our favorite hobbies includes traveling. We have made it a tradition to visit the zoo and children’s museum no matter where we go on vacation. Pardon our bias in sharing that we think Indianapolis has the best children’s museum while it is up for grabs when it comes to the best zoo. Some of the time that we travel it is just my daughter and I, while other times we travel as a large group with our family. Kay enjoys the opportunity to spend more time with her cousins on these trips. Since we come from a big family, Kay has lots and lots of cousins. Some are older and some younger, but she loves them all. It is always special when we can all be together. My mom is the oldest daughter of six children and my dad is the youngest son of five children so there’s always plenty of love, laughter, food, and entertainment when we get together.


We are SO excited and ready to meet you! She has so much that she wants to teach and experience with her sibling. She also can’t wait to show off her new sibling at church. We are active at our church and even have a separate Children’s Ministry for children of all ages to enjoy and learn spiritual concepts at their level. I enjoy serving as a parent chaperone during their outings or teacher’s assistant during their lessons.

In closing, we would like to thank you again for taking the time to learn more about our family. Our hearts are big, and our arms stretched out wide as we look forward to possibly beginning this incredible journey with YOU!

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  • I love to travel, and my favorite thus far is the Miami Beach.
  • In high school I played basketball, volleyball and ran track.
  • My celebrity crush is Devin Booker. Shhhhh…..Don’t tell anyone!
  • I love pasta (especially chicken alfredo) and could eat it every day.
  • I would love to live on an island some day for at least two years.
  • I only eat ice cream in the summer.
  • One of my favorite traditions is putting up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.
  • My favorite color is teal and I could wear it every day without getting tired of it.
  • I would rather be 30 minutes early to a meeting or event than 5 minutes late.
  • Favorite Quote: “Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do.”


  • I am a social butterfly and look forward to meeting new people.
  • I am girlie, so I have lots of tutus, nail polish, lip gloss, and headbands.
  • Recently I started karate and I love it! I also enjoy swimming and gymnastics.
  • I collect doll houses and my favorite is my Barbie Dream House.
  • Since I love reading, I always keep at least two chapter books with me at all times.