Emanuel & Daniel

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Emanuel & Daniel

Hello! We’re Daniel, Evelyn, and Emanuel! The three of us are a fun, loving, and silly bunch. Daniel is a software tester for an IT company. Emanuel is a high school principal and French teacher. Evelyn is 6 going on 16!

Daniel and Emanuel have known each other since high school, growing up 5 minutes away from each other. They married in 2015, after college. Daniel is a budding farmer with a large plot of land for gardening. He also loves to knit, sew, crochet, and has his own spinning wheel! Emanuel loves being a French teacher and all things French. He is also a big Star Trek fan and quotes it all the time (even when the family doesn’t want him to). Evelyn loves arts and crafts. She loves to be outdoors–camping and a bonfire with marshmallows is her favorite!

Emanuel (According to Daniel)

Emanuel is a wonderful father. He is always looking for ways to make Evelyn laugh or new ways to horseplay with her. He views every parenting challenge as an opportunity to learn and never gets angry (I don’t know how he does it!). I would also describe him as a free spirit. He is playful and isn't afraid to look silly in front of others - just ask him to tell you one of his dad jokes!

As a husband, Emanuel is a kind, deeply caring person. I admire that he's always the first to volunteer to help out in any situation, even when it's inconvenient. He is also a man who loves being a teacher. He instills in our family the values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Daniel (According to Emanuel)

Daniel is a wonderful “Papa.” He took two years off work and spent the first two years at home with Evelyn to love and care for her. He is a planner–he plans all our meals, knows what the best routes are when we drive, and knows how to save money! He does a great job helping Evelyn with her schoolwork and reads to her every night.

As a husband, Daniel is kind, understanding, and loving. He is a true partner–taking care of chores and tasks when I am busy and is great about giving little gifts throughout the year that make me laugh. I couldn’t be a dad without him and I am so thankful he’s my husband!

Daniel & Emanuel (According to Evelyn)

“Papa is the cuddle one. Dad is the outdoor play one.”

Evelyn (According to Daniel & Emanuel)

She’s perfect! Of course we’re going to say that!

Also, Evelyn is keenly artistic. She is an excellent artist and loves to make crafts. She says she wants to be an art teacher when she grows up!

She loves to play. Whenever she can, she will roughhouse and horseplay with one of us. She loves to be outside too and go to parks, take walks, or hike. She loves to create outdoor “adventures” that often mean lots of tag, hide-and-seek, and playing house.

She is kind, aware of her own emotions, and has always wanted to be a big sister. She wants to change diapers, bottle-feed, and push strollers–we’ll see how long all that lasts!

Our Community

We have a big and diverse network of people who love us who we'll rely on as we build our family. Daniel has seven aunts and uncles and many cousins of different ethnicities. We all get together on almost every major holiday to celebrate in his grandma's garage (right next to his grandpa's big semi-tractor!). Emanuel's family enjoys traditions as well - all meeting at his parents’ for a big holiday meal that his parents prepare a week in advance. There are often visits from cousins and parents at each other's homes to simply chat or go to dinner impromptu. Daniel and Emanuel also share a close group of friends that they’ve known since elementary school who are like brothers to them.

Parenting Values

As parents, we want our children to have the most experiences possible to understand the world they live in. This means frequent trips to the park, museums, camping, plays, events with extended family–you name it! Giving children lots of experiences helps them to make connections and be less afraid of change and uncertainty.

We also are a family that likes to talk about our emotions. “I felt really happy when we did this because…” or “I felt sad when this happened because…” are often how we talk about our days. We want to model how to navigate the many emotions we feel every day so our child can best understand herself and others.

And lastly, understanding their adoption story is important to us. There is a lot of love and community that goes into the adoption process and it’s been important for us to share that with our child so she understands her own origin story and can understand how many people love and care about her.


We know this is an important time in your life with lots of thoughts and emotions. Us too! We believe in openness and having meaningful and lifelong contact with you.

Thank you for looking at our profile. Regardless of who you chose, your decision is an incredible gift and we’re thankful you’re making an adoption plan!

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1. My favorite flavor is mint chocolate.

2. I love rainy spring mornings.

3. I read most things electronically nowadays, but I still love the smell of old books.

4. I think tiny houses are really cool – I’d love to build one someday (but I don’t know if I’d actually want to live in it!).

5. My favorite holiday is Halloween!

6. I grow my own fabrics from my garden–I grow cotton and other fabrics to then make clothing!

7. As a result, I know how to crochet, knit, and sew.

8. When I retire, I want to be an urban farmer and sell produce and fabrics to the community.

9. I can’t hold a note or melody to save my life (Emanuel and Evelyn laugh at me when I try!).

10. I love the video game Skyrim.


1. I’m a teacher and administrator at a high school.

2. I speak French and Spanish.

3. I don’t like giraffes because of the Toy-R-Us Commercial with Geoffrey the Giraffe.

4. I was born 45 days premature.

5. I think the 90s are the best decade ever.

6. I am the definition of a Trekkie.

7. At any given moment, I am likely singing Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, or Christina Aguilera

8. I hiked 75 miles of the Colorado Trail with my best friend.

9. My ideal vacation is in a cabin, late fall, next to a fire, with a book I just started.

10. My favorite pastime is napping.


1. I love to draw and paint.

2. I speak Spanish, just like my birth mom!

3. I love being outdoors and climbing trees.

4. My favorite food is spaghetti.

5. Chocolate is my favorite ice cream.