Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion

Book Cover: Birthright: The Guide to Search and Reunion
ISBN: 0140512950

Jean Strauss, Penguin


What happens when an adoptee decides to locate a birthparent or a birthparent wants to find a child given up long ago? How does one search for people whose names one does not know? And what happens during a reunion? In 1983, Jean A. S. Strauss was faced with these questions when she began her search for her birthmother, and in this inspiring new handbook, she shares her experience. Strauss will help you throughout this significant time. Brimming with important reference sources and dozens of true-life stories, this valuable resource will guide you in:

· Making the difficult decision to search
· Navigating through the emotional turbulence of a reunion
· Dealing with the impact of the search on the adoptive parents

Compassionate and insightful, Birthright is for anyone seeking to connect with someone long lost.

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