Attaching in Adoption

Book Cover: Attaching in Adoption
ISBN: 0-944934-29-3

Deborah Gray, Perspectives Press, Inc


All parents deserve positive, proactive, and state-of-the-art knowledge about their children. This is all the more imperative when children have been adopted after challenges. Parents want practical guidance during their child's formative years. No parent wants to face a tragic outcome later! This book provides adoptive parents with specific information that applies to children like theirs. It matches children's emotional needs and stages with parenting strategies designed to enhance their child's happiness and emotional health . The stages have been adapted for parents whose child who might be emotionally a toddler at age six. This book gives parents techniques and information so they can provide their children with a home life designed to bring out the best in every family member. Methods to improve attachment, respect, cooperation, trust, and caring in the family are constant themes in this book.

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