Adoption for Dummies

Book Cover: Adoption for Dummies
ISBN: 0764554883

Carlisle and Barr, For Dummies


You hear all sorts of things said or implied about adoption. Someinformation comes from people who know a lot about it, while somecomes from people who don’t know anything about it but makeassumptions anyway. Some comes from people whose experiences havebeen good; some from those whose experiences have been bad. Theresult? Enough conflicting information to make your head spin.

So when everyone has an opinion and most of the books on themarket deal with specific aspects on adoption or particular typesof adoptions, where do you turn to for reliable information?Start with Adoption For Dummies.

The great thing about this guide is that you decide whereto start and what to read. It’s a reference you can jump intoand out of at will.  Just head to the table of contents or theindex to find the information you want. Each part of AdoptionFor Dummies covers a particular aspect of adoption,including:

  • Answering the basic adoption questions – Howmuch does it cost? Who’s involved? How long does it take?What do I need to know that I don’t know to ask? Andmore.
  • Getting started – and figuring out what stepsyou have to take.
  • Dealing with birthmothers andbirthfathers – and why, even though they may not bepart of your life, they’re still important to you.
  • Confronting the issues adoptive familiesface – issues from sharing the adoption story withyour child, to answering your child's questions about hisbirthparents, to handling rude family members who treat your childdifferently than her cousins.
  • Finding help – from books, resources, andsupport groups.

No adoption book – at least no adoption bookthat you can carry around without a hydrauliclift – can tell you everything there is to knowabout adoption. What Adoption For Dummies tells you is whatyou need to know, all in an easy-to-use reference.

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