Reginald & Latisha

Our Story

Hello! We are Reginald, Latisha, Jayla and Raniyah. We met over 14 years ago and have been married almost 10 years enjoying life and our family in Northwest Indiana. Reginald is a FedEx driver and Latisha is in Corporate Accounting as a Senior Accountant with the opportunity of working from home. The foundation of our marriage is built on our Christian faith, love, mutual respect and the support of each other’s dreams. We have a teenage daughter, Jayla, and in 2018, our life changed when we adopted our daughter Raniyah. We are honored to have an open adoption with her birth parents and siblings and hope to create a similar relationship with you!

Our Family

Our family is so important to us and we value every minute of it.  Reginald has one brother that comes to visit us often. His mother lives in Mississippi and she stays with us at least 8 months out of the year. She is a phenomenal woman and Latisha couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law than her. Latisha’s mother lives in Chicago (her hometown) and she is amazing. Latisha loves when people ask if she is her sister; they are just alike in so many ways. Latisha also has three brothers that live in Chicago. Though our fathers have passed on, we are forever grateful of the love and strength that our mothers show us each day.  

In addition to Jayla and Raniyah, we have two older children that live outside of our home. Jasmine lives in North Carolina and Demarcus is in New York City. We are so proud of them because they are following their dreams! We love when they come home for the holidays and join us on our family vacations when they are able.


Reginald (from Latisha)

Reginald will forever be my best friend. He knows exactly what to do to keep my goals and dreams right in front of me.  I can talk to him about everything, regardless of how big or small. Our prayer life is so important to us before we leave the house in the morning. Reginald is a great listener with everyone he meets. He analyzes every situation before he respond and his memory is amazing. We are the true meaning of opposites attract. I love the summer months, where as he prefers the spring/fall. He is not a picture taker, but the kids and I can take a million selfies a day. Reginald loves to cook and I love to eat, during road trips he loves to drive, I love to ride…that’s almost the same, but not quite. When it comes to our outdoor activities, I’m more the adventurist person like hiking, rollercoasters, sky bridge, or zip lining not Reginald, he prefers ground activities like water supports, basketball or watching race cars. We are each other’s sideline cheer coach, which is amazing. I’m always able to capture his fun moments and he captures mine. The one thing that drew us together was our love for family and kids. 

I can honestly say Reginald is an amazing father to all the kids. I remember when we met he was driving a sports car with only two seats and I asked him how can we date?  My kids can’t fit in your car! His response was he would rent a car for us all to fit.  I would describe him as smart, compassionate, loving, patience and protective. We knew from day one that if we were to extend our family it would be through adoption due to my 2004 surgery, prior to me meeting Reginald. 


Latisha (from Reginald)

Latisha is my partner in the truest meaning. She motivates me to be the best husband and father I can. She has been my companion in faith as well. I feel I have grown stronger in my faith because of her. She is my rock and my biggest cheerleader. She inspires me every day, watching her work and mother our children. Since the first day we met, our differences have made us stronger as a team. Where I am weak, she is strong. She is driven and detail oriented. Latisha received her master’s degree 2 years into our marriage and is soon to become a CPA. She didn’t sacrifice her dreams because of children and marriage. She took on the task of excelling at both. 

Latisha enjoys reading, roller skating and outdoor activities like bike riding. She is an amusement park fanatic. She loves roller coasters. We don’t share that love but I am always at the exit gates supporting her enjoyment from the ground. Family is the most important thing to her. Holidays, vacations and family reunions can’t come around enough for her. She has so much love for her family. It is undeniable and it never waivers. She is happiest when we can gather as a family and create memories. 

Latisha has taught our children to live their dreams. She is so caring, concerned and involved in the lives of all of the children. She is always there with a listening and nonjudgmental ear. When she talks to them her only intention is to give them the best advice to put them in the best position to succeed at life. Being a mother is her greatest accomplishment. Seeing our children succeed is her greatest joy.


Extended Family

We come together to have a big family reunion every other year where family from all states come together in one location (Mississippi) for an entire week. This is what we all look forward too. There is a week of planned activities for us all to do, adults and kids. The food is amazing; the kids get the opportunity to spend time with cousin that they have not seen in a while. This is a full week of laughter, partying, cooking, dancing, and playing games. It gives us a chance to teach our kids the importance of family and staying connected to them no matter how far away they are. This event is extremely important to us and we never miss it.



As parents, we believe in allowing our children to explore many different activities, so they determine what interests them. Our children have participated in almost every sport, regardless of how we felt about it. We support them all the way to the end. I recall Jayla wanting to start track and I was so nervous because she had asthma as an infant. It was her passion and I refused to stand in her way. We attended every track meet last year and will continue to support her throughout this year. Raniyah is currently in swim and gymnastics. She enjoys both and we will continue to encourage her in every activity she takes on.

 We are strong believers in education, not only through the school system but also through life experiences and interactions. We want our children to be well rounded and have a full perspective of the world they live in. We love to visit the zoo, aquariums and museums at home and while on vacation. We have tons of toys and games that are educational that we play during our family time. As parents, we believe in patience with our children and allowing them to respectfully speak their minds. Having a voice at home and in their daily lives is very important to us.


Our Community

We live in a 4-bedroom home on a cul-de-sac in a diverse neighborhood located in Northwest Indiana. We have neighbors who fostered and who have adopted children. We love to attend the many different events geared around children. Halloween has always been a favorite event because all our neighbors love to participate in making sure the kids have a great time. The friendships that we have created in our community are so amazing and the neighborhood kids are like my nieces and nephews. We live walking distance from the park and bike trail, with the beach less than 10 miles away. 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Although we will never know exactly how you feel, we want you to know that we pray daily for your strength and courage through this process. We pray that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are in your journey. We value you and open adoption and ongoing communication. Above all else, we want you to choose what’s best for you and your wonderful child.


  • Classic karate and cartoon movies are my favorite.
  • I love to cook/barbecue. I dabble in baking.
  • I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.
  • Growing up I spent every summer with family in Mississippi.
  • I attended Bartending School and enjoy it as a hobby.
  • I enjoy watching basketball and football. The North Carolina Tar-heels basketball team is my favorite.
  • I am a sports car enthusiast.
  • I am an expert dominoes player (if you ask me).
  • Hanging out with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do.
  • Our family vacations are my most anticipated times of the year.
  • I love spending time with my family (immediate and extended family) at our family reunions, family vacations and dinner at our house.
  • I enjoy learning tik-tok videos, but don’t think I am good enough to post them.
  • Chicago is home for me! It’s where I was born and raised.
  • Roller skating has always been my favorite hobby since childhood days.
  • I love to read inspirational quotes to get me through tough times.
  • I am not a cook, but I am a fixer, which means I like to fix things to eat quickly.
  • During my weight loss months, I love to use my juicer to mix up my vegetables and fruits.
  • My favorite season is summertime, which is the opposite of Reginald. They say opposites attract!
  • I am such a big kid when we go to Six Flags Great America. I am determined to get on the scariest ride.
  • I am a senior in high school and I am excited about going away to college.
  • I love to go to six Flags Great America with my mom.
  • This is my second year on the track team.
  • My favorite foods are pizza and homemade burgers.
  • I love taking care of my dogs Rosie and Romeo!
  • I have been swimming since I was 4 months old. Swimming is one of my favorite things to do every week.
  • My favorite words to say to mom and dad is “I want to go have fun”.
  • I just started preschool and have many friends now, but Elmo is my favorite friend.
  • I love spending time with my birth family and talking to them on FaceTime.
  • I’m excited about being a big sister.
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