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Our Story


We are Kurt and Mary. Kurt is a police officer, and Mary is a middle school science teacher and coach. We have been together over 13 years and are so excited to finally grow our family! We are a very laid-back couple that enjoys both going on adventures to experience new things and also relaxing around home with friends and family. We love spending time with our two dogs and all of our nieces and nephews! We have been praying for a little one of our own to join our big extended families. We know that he or she will be such a welcome addition, and we can’t wait to meet you!


Our love story is a bit of a quirky one. We did not attend the same schools or even live in the same town, but we became friends while working at a pumpkin patch throughout high school. We would see each other each Autumn and became better friends each season. Eventually, Mary asked Kurt to her senior prom, and we began dating shortly after. Each of us had our college plans in place, so we decided to continue to date long-distance over the next four years. It was definitely hard not being close by, but we visited each other as often as we could. We always joked that we were “too stubborn” to break up while dating long-distance, but the truth is that we are really each other’s best friend. We have always enjoyed each other’s company and have qualities that complement each other. While Mary is the more realistic and rational person, Kurt is more calming and cool under pressure. When life has thrown many challenges our way, we have been able to go through those together and come out stronger on the other side.


Mary is the most intelligent, hardworking, tough, adventurous, and caring person I know. She has always gone above and beyond for everyone who has had the pleasure of crossing her path. She has the ability to understand what people want or need and tries her best to give them a piece of that. She has become a very adventurous person and is always pushing me to try new things because she knows I will enjoy them, and she is usually correct. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She was always near the top of her class both in high school and college. She has had a few different jobs and has always been the go-to person in her career. She has always been hardworking in her career and also in volunteering opportunities. Mary will be a very caring parent who will do anything to ensure our child is happy and healthy.


Kurt is a goofy and loving person. He deeply cares about those around him and would help anyone in need. I appreciate how he always makes time for his loved ones and is very rarely stressed or shaken by anything life throws at us. He frequently keeps me grounded and is my voice of reason. He is also pretty flexible and tends to roll with the punches. Even though Kurt is very chill and laid-back, when it comes to work, he can take control and be assertive where he needs to be. He can take charge of a chaotic situation and add a calm to the storm. I admire so much about Kurt, like the fact that he is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it be volunteering to help with an event at my school, helping his grandparents around their house each week, or taking our niece to gymnastics, he constantly steps in to help. He shows how much he cares by always doing things for me and making sure that I am well cared-for. Kurt will be a protective and engaging parent that will always be looking for new ways to have fun with our child.


Kurt grew up in a big family that was always family-focused. Kurt is the youngest sibling with one brother and two sisters. His parents and sisters live nearby and his brother lives two states away. Each year, Kurt’s extended families have multiple reunions and get-togethers, so we are able to see lots of family throughout the year. Kurt’s sister, Kathi, and her husband have two children. We are very involved in their lives and see them almost weekly.

Mary also has three siblings, but she is the third child in her family. Her older sisters and their families live a few hours away, but her brother lives close by. Mary’s oldest sister has two children with her husband, and we stay involved in their lives as well. Though we may not see them as often in person, we have frequent phone and video calls and try to visit with them a few times per year. Mary’s parents are retired and spend part of their time in Mary’s childhood home (close to where we live) and part of their time in a lake home in another state.

Our families are so important to us, and we even have some friends and neighbors that are more like family to us as well. We keep in touch with multiple friends from childhood, school, college, or work. Mary is even a Godmother to her friend, Nicole’s daughter! Nicole and her family live a couple hours away, but we always seem to find time to see them a few times per year. We also love visiting all of our other friends and their children. Our families and friends are so excited at the possibility of us bringing our own child to join in the fun!


We live in a small, rural town with very friendly neighbors. We love to walk to the town park, especially for community events, and we regularly walk or run around town with our dogs. Even though we live in a small town, we both work in bigger cities with a wide range of activities and diversity. We like that our house is located in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to larger events and cities. We find that it is nice to get away from the noise and chaos as our home is also near many nature trails and open spaces. We plan to raise our child with exposure to a wide variety of cultures and events with faith being the cornerstone. We are Christians that regularly attend church and are very active with our church family.


Even though we both have careers, Kurt has a good amount of parental leave and vacation time, while Mary has summers off as a teacher. We have access to ample amounts of childcare in our area, but we know that our families will be at the forefront of our support system. Our primary goal is to raise our child to be a kind, caring, and empathetic human. We strive to surround them with unconditional love and support while also involving his or her birth family and their cultures and traditions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little more. We hope this offers you a glimpse into our lives and that you will find comfort knowing your child will grow up in a loving and caring environment. Our hearts are ready to welcome a child into our home and our lives. We look forward to many new adventures as a family while also honoring you and our child’s story. We have been praying for you and want you to know that you will always be a part of our story.

  • My first career was as an Analytical Chemist. I spent time working in agricultural research, pharmaceutical research, and nutritional analysis.
  • I absolutely LOVE anything to do with water. I am a certified SCUBA diver, lifeguard, and swim instructor.
  • Some of my favorite hobbies are paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, running, and biking.
  • Along with being a Science Teacher, I also coach Cross Country, Track & Field, and Robotics.
  • I am an Adjunct Professor at a local college and teach classes in the summer.
  • I competed in my first Triathlon this summer. My teammate and I placed 2nd in the Women’s Division!
  • I am named after my grandmother. She was my absolute favorite person.
  • Kurt's grandma is teaching me to quilt. I am almost done making my first one!
  • I am my church secretary and also serve on a committee for mission work in my church.
  • My favorite TV show is The Office. I have watched it so many times that I can quote it from memory and have won multiple Office trivia contests.
  • Being the youngest child, I always learned what not to do from my older siblings.
  • My first job was working on a pumpkin and vegetable farm that led me to meeting Mary.
  • In college I played club Quidditch (Yes, the sport from Harry Potter) and traveled to Florida to compete in the World Cup.
  • Flying a drone is something I enjoy doing, and I actually get to fly at work as well!
  • I enjoy driving tractors and farm equipment but don’t get a chance to do that anymore.
  • I like to cook and bake, and I frequently try new recipes.
  • When listening to music, I tend to play the same song repeatedly for a long time.
  • I am pretty good at doing all chores around the house, but I will NOT touch the dirty dishes.
  • I am on the quiet side when meeting new people, but Mary usually talks enough for the both of us.
  • I enjoy playing basketball with my friends and coworkers.
  • Chasing a ball (preferably a squeaky one!) is my true passion.
  • Anytime I see water I must jump in, whether I’m supposed to or not.
  • I love to go paddleboarding with Mary.
  • I am much more independent than my brother, Cash.
  • I know many tricks, but sometimes I am too stubborn to show people.
  • Napping is my absolute favorite thing to do!
  • I love to snuggle anyone that will let me and get sad when I can’t.
  • I didn’t bark for the first three years I lived at my house, so my parents thought I couldn’t.
  • I will chew on bones but don’t really care for toys at all…Zoey wouldn’t share with me anyway.
  • I am a therapy dog and sometimes accompany Mary to school. Her Robotics team calls me “Robo-dog.”
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