Krysta & Tony

Our Story

Hi there! We are Tony and Krysta, and we’re very excited to meet you! We met nearly four years ago when we both started working at the same place after moving back to Indiana. We quickly discovered that we share many of the same interests and passions, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Krysta is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but has lived in the United States for most of her life. She works at the local public high school as the choral accompanist and music office manager. Tony grew up in Northern Indiana, near where we live now. He works in fundraising for a small local seminary. When it’s warm outside, we love finding a nearby hiking path for a walk with our dog, Sam. We also love riding our bikes, and sometimes we end up at the local ice cream shop. During colder months, we play a lot of games together, and spend more time visiting family (who are all close by).

Tony (according to Krysta)

The world needs more Tonys in it. He is the most genuinely kind person I have ever known, and as cliché as it sounds, he makes me want to be a better person every day. He is slow to judge, preferring to listen to, talk with, and get to know someone rather than make assumptions about them. He is endlessly patient, which is just one reason I am positive he will be an incredible father. He is also great at encouraging people to be who they are and express themselves in a way that feels comfortable to them. The thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing Tony teach our child – whether it’s how to ride a bike, how to play a new game, or helping with homework, I think he will bring an ideal mix of patience, encouragement, and a “don’t be afraid to try new things” attitude. There is, truly, nobody else with whom I would rather parent a child!

Krysta (according to Tony)

It’s difficult to sufficiently communicate who Krysta is in only a few sentences. From very early on in our relationship, I knew she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Whenever I express a hope or dream, she is fully behind me. She has a passion and love for life that I haven’t encountered with anyone else. Anything that she cares about she puts all of her energy into. She’s also wise beyond her years. She isn’t always a very talkative person, but when she has something to say, people listen because they know it will be worth listening to. Because of these things and so many other things that I cannot list here, I know that she is the only person I want to coparent with. She will give our children the love, support and direction they need to become their best and truest selves. I knew this from the first time she met my family. My niece Gianna was nine at the time, and we were all at my parents house for dinner. Gianna went directly to Krysta and asked if she could interview her. Krysta was more than happy to go along with it. Gianna had prepared a long list of questions that she wanted Krysta to answer to make sure that she would fit well in the family. Krysta handled  the interrogation better than anyone could have hoped. She was kind and patient as well as open and honest. I can’t imagine a better partner to go through this life with or to coparent with. I should also mention that Krysta received Gianna’s approval that night, along with the acceptance of the rest of the family.

Our Lives, Our Family, and Our Community

The things we value the most, and the things that make our relationship work, are openness and honesty. We are committed to talking to each other about things, even when we’re upset or frustrated. We work hard to do this with love and respect for each other, as well as an openness to learn from each other. We would like to encourage this same openness with our child. We have as much to learn from them as they have to learn from us, and we want there to be space in our family for them to express their truest thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

We love spending time together most of all, whether we’re cooking a meal, playing a game, or just watching TV or reading a book. Whatever we’re doing, you can be sure we’re cracking jokes and making each other laugh. We visit with our families fairly often, since they all live within about an hour and a half of our house. Both sets of grandparents are very excited to welcome a new grandchild! When we’re not spending time as a family, Tony can sometimes be found in the garage working on a carpentry project, and Krysta may be reading a book or playing the piano. Sam is usually snoozing nearby (or chewing on a rawhide bone). Tony’s work schedule is very flexible, and he often has the option of working from home. Krysta is on a school schedule, so she has breaks throughout the year and summers off. Our schedules will leave us plenty of time to spend together as a family.

Over the past year, we have been getting more involved in our church, and we are especially enjoying getting to know other families with young children. We love how open and supportive that community is, especially as we’ve been in this adoption process. They are all really looking forward to welcoming a new baby.

We’re very excited to start this adventure and are looking forward to meeting you!

  • I was born on the west coast of Canada, but have grown up in the U.S. (since I was 6 years old). My entire family (except my parents and my brother) still lives in Canada.
  • I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 years old (my mom was my first teacher), and now I make my career at the piano!
  • I bought myself a guitar about 5 years ago, but I have yet to take it out and teach myself how to play it!
  • I love reading and often dream about the next time I’ll be able to settle in with a great book. When I was younger I used to devour books - sometimes finishing a book every week!
  • I’m not really much of a sports fan, but I do enjoy soccer. One year in middle school I played on a co-ed youth soccer team, but it didn’t go very well. In one game I almost made a goal for the other team!
  • I love playing board games or card games, but I must admit that I have a tendency to get a little frustrated when I don’t win.
  • My legal name is Tony - not Anthony! My parents knew they’d want to call me Tony anyway, so instead of making that my nickname they just made it my actual legal name.
  • I was in a bowling league between the ages of 10 and 14, because that’s what you do on a weekend when you’re growing up in a tiny town. My best score was 230.
  • I really enjoy working with my hands, whether that’s gardening in our yard, woodworking (I’ve built two tables and a bookcase in the last few years), or making improvements on our home.
  • I love to spend time being active outdoors - running, hiking, biking, or just walking.
  • One of my favorite childhood memories is of my grandfather picking me up from Kindergarten every day and taking me to buy candy or eat lunch.
  • I spent most of my childhood living in the same county, but I lived in seven different locations. We moved around a lot!
  • I played guitar in a church worship band as a teenager and young adult.
  • My favorite kind of pie is my grandma’s Dutch Apple.
  • I broke my leg in high school when a teacher fell on me!
  • I’m a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or a Toller for short. It’s a real breed, I swear!
  • I weigh 45 pounds, but I think I’m a lap dog.
  • I love children, especially when they give me belly rubs.
  • My favorite activities include exploring outdoors, going on family hikes, and snuggling with my parents on the basement couch.
  • I LOVE peanut butter!!
  • I’m very respectful of people - I don’t jump on people and I only bark occasionally.
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