Jeff & Nikki

Our Story

We met 15 years ago when Jeff was stationed with the Coast Guard in Nikki’s hometown. We quickly realized we share so much in common including that we both loved God, people, sports, hiking, board games, reading, and so many other things. We were married a year and a half later.

Jeff has since gotten out of the Coast Guard and now works for a small, family-owned company in Indiana where they encourage employees to make time for their families. This allows him to have plenty of time to coach the kids’ sports, help with homework, and family fun in evenings. Nikki is a substitute teacher at their school and is the elementary Sunday School coordinator at our church. These part-time jobs allow her to be available to the kids and Jeff while providing outlets for her creative gifts and love for children.

Jeff is amazing! He strives to be a loving husband, great father, strong employee, and a servant in our community. What’s great and unique to him is that while he strives for excellence in all these areas; he is extremely gracious and forgiving towards himself and others. He has wonderful goals and practical expectations. It is a joy to be married to a man who doesn’t care if the house is a mess if the kid and I are filled up with joy doing the things that we love. He will give up a relaxing night in our home if there is someone in our community who needs to come over for a meal. At a kid’s birthday party or church event, Jeff can be found leading the kids in a game of football or acting out a silly part in a skit. He is always willing to help others at work and is always looking for people he can take out for a meal and encourage. He would never write any one-off or hold a grudge, and that applies to family and strangers. I know that the kids and I are forever loved by him no matter what we may do, and that is a wonderful gift of confidence and stability.

Nikki is an amazing wife and mother. As a wife, she is encouraging, loving, joyful, and fun to be around. As a mother, she is compassionate, energetic, and deeply focused on the hearts and character of our children. I’ve seen countless women ask her to lunch or coffee to learn more about her and how she’s raised our children. She does an incredible job balancing discipline and joy, and it has made our kids polite and loving to others but also a ton of fun to be around. She doesn’t give herself much credit, but I’m always blown away by how seriously she takes raising incredible children. Some people want to be a professional athlete or musician or CEO, but Nikki has always seen her mission in life to be raising amazing children. And she’s doing it!

We have three children Rowdy (11), Simon (10) and Pia (9). While having three kids in three years was not a part of our plan, it has been incredibly fun and, at times, completely crazy. On any given day, their relationship can range from best friends to wishing they were an only child, but they know that we are family who loves one another for life.  Each of them have their own personality and struggles and we have learned to advocate for and encourage them as individuals to ensure their needs are met.

We live in a small community that is a wonderful mix of all income levels and a diversity of people groups. We go to a church where their number one goal is to look out for the vulnerable. We are thankful that we are surrounded by a community that wants to help everyone.

The kids’ school is only 2 miles from our house and then Jeff’s work is just a quarter-mile from there. The school is well equipped to enable all children to reach their highest potential of learning while developing their character with the “Washington Way”- treating each other with respect and honesty always looking to serve others.

We want to adopt because we love being parents, and we would like to continue to love on and care for more children. Raising our children has been one of our greatest joys in life. Our family grew very early in our marriage and quickly (three kids in three years!), but as they get older, we realized we would like to grow our family.

We look forward to having an open adoption. We would love to honor you in our relationship, and are excited to get to know you! While we can never fully understand the impact this decision will have on you or this baby, we want what is best for both of you, and we will do everything we can to make this the best scenario for both of you.

  • I like the color turquoise
  • I have dyslexia
  • I am in 2nd grade
  • My favorite thing is to play with my spy kit. It has a secret microphone that I laugh into.
  • I love stuffies (stuffed animals)
  • I am an athlete and enjoy playing soccer
  • I love playing with babies
  • I am funny
  • I love our dog Tiger Lilly
  • I make better cookies than mom
  • I am good at sports
  • Math is my best subject
  • I would rather be busy than bored
  • I have great friends in my class
  • I like to read Encyclopedia Brown books
As a family, we love to..
  • Hang out and play games (We love Monopoly, Sequence, and PooBah)
  • Play sports together (We play a lot of soccer and football, and we love to swim together)
  • Carpet time (wrestling together)
  • Explore (We love to take road trips and explore the country together)
  • Read (About once a week, we all pile in Jeff and Nikki’s bed and read together)
  • Volunteer (In little ways, making meals at shelters, and in bigger ways, Simon and Jeff traveling to the Dominican Republic together)
  • Eat at new restaurants
  • Go to church
Some weird things about our family:
  • We joke around a lot
  • Rowdy is a booger machine
  • The kids jump in the pond for the first day of Spring (cold!) and then get Dairy Queen
  • We have a mini motorcycle that we all know how to ride
  • The boys have never been to the ER, Pia is a regular
  • Our house looks lived in, but then mom makes us have a cleaning party every now and again
  • We have traditions but we are always up for trying something new
  • We alternate between California (Nikki’s parents) and Connecticut (Jeff’s parents) for Christmas each year
Some things we have learned in parenting:
  • Each child has unique strengths that we love to encourage and develop
  • They each have their own struggles that we lovingly help them work through
  • It is always good to pause and make sure that what we have been doing is still working, and be ready to make some changes
  • If we (Jeff and Nikki) are doing well to love and care for one another, we become better parents too
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