Jarrod & Heather

Our Story

We are Jarrod, Heather, Jailyn, 5 ½, and Jaclyn, 2. We met at a Purdue college basketball game in 2008, fell in love quickly, and have been together ever since. Heather is living her dream as a stay at home mom! Her favorite things to do are read, nap (HA!), and have date nights! Jarrod is an engineer who is handy around the house and enjoys watching TV shows like The Walking Dead, How I met Your Mother and almost anything on HGTV. As a family we love being outdoors, camping, grilling and hanging out in our backyard, going for bike rides around the neighborhood, and having spontaneous family dance parties in our living room!

Oh my Jarrod. This man is everything to me. I never had to wonder if I could trust him with my heart,  as the answer was yes from day one. He loves me with a passion that is unmatched, it’s slightly more than the passion he feels watching those close Purdue basketball games.  I can’t seem to keep him calm! I can’t tell you how many times I have to say “I know! I’m watching the same game as you!” When my second pregnancy resulted in the loss of our child and a subsequent hysterectomy, Jarrod was an amazing support to me. He was always willing to comfort me and hold me close. He never complained about the “slack” around the house and the extra things he took on while I was recovering.

Watching him become a daddy has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. He has transformed from a man who had never held a baby to wanting to be the one to get up and change diapers and feed our girls. Admittedly, his girls have him wrapped around their teeny tiny fingers, but he totally owns it and would never let someone give him a hard time about it. He always thought 2 kids was plenty, but if you ask him now, he’ll tell you that he needs AT LEAST a basketball team! Jarrod is such a hands-on dad and loves teaching the girls new things. He loves encouraging their curiosity and making sure they feel safe when trying something new. He is always eager to hear about their day and makes his time with them a priority.

I have answered this so many times and every time it is different. What do I say? Her kindness, her compassion, her ability to be friends with anybody? Then someone asks me if anything is difficult about being married, or if Heather ever just gets on my nerves sometimes? The answer is yes and no. I love this woman with all of my being, so I tend to put up with her quirks. She totally owns it, which makes it hard to be annoyed! She sighs after she takes a long drink of water, she asks what’s for dinner tomorrow while eating tonight’s dinner, she gets sick EVERY YEAR during our anniversary. Okay, so maybe these are small things, and maybe allergies are to blame. But what do I really think about Heather? She has this incredible ability to connect with people. Anyone who spends 5 minutes with her can’t help but be friends with her. She is such an engaged mother with the girls and is so patient, creative and active with them.

Jailyn Renee is our 5.5 going on 16-year-old.

Jailyn about…Jailyn. My favorite things are spending time with my family, school, ballet and playing games. My favorite room of our house is our bedroom because me and my Jaclyn get to sleep together and because mommy painted it for us when we moved in. When it’s just me and mommy, I love going to Chick Fil A. When it’s just me and daddy, I love going to Chipotle. (We love going on individual dates with the girls). Kindergarten is so fun and now I can read!

Jaclyn Marie is 2, but talks like she’s 4 and is the size of a 3.5 year old.

Jaclyn about…Jaclyn. “I’m Jaclyn and I’m 5!” -No, baby, you’re 2! “Okay, fine.”

My favorite color is purple! My best friend is Sis. My favorite animal is a giraffe and Malibu (our dog). I love going to gymnastics and Miss Jodie’s (mommy & me music class!). I love reading books and coloring. My favorite room in the house is me & Sister’s room. *Runs to room, throws arms open* It’s beautiful!

We are very close to both of our families! Heather’s family lives 2 hours away but we see them often. She has 2 brothers & 2 sister in laws. We have 1 niece and 1 nephew. We love camping with them and getting all the cousins together! We FaceTime with them all at least once a week! Jarrod’s dad lives 5 minutes away and his brother lives 30 minutes away. We see his dad at least once a week and his brother whenever we can. We lost his mom a few years ago and as hard as it was, we are all closer than ever!

Our house overlooks a large pond just beyond our fully fenced backyard. Our neighborhood has 2 playgrounds and 2 pools. We also have several playgrounds within walking distance outside of our neighborhood. We love doing family walks where we hit all the playgrounds together! We have 3 bedrooms, a large loft, HUGE dining room table for hosting and a full basement. The girls both say their favorite room is the room they share. They chose to share and it’s been amazing. Jarrod says, “as much as I love cooking for friends and family, the dining room is where it all happens because it’s where we’re all seated around the table together talking. Having Heather’s dad and grandpa build us the massive table is a testament to our desire to host and be “the place” where people want to come to be together. Heather and I loved doing the stain work, so we still feel like it’s a labor or love.” Heather’s favorite room is…the shower! Ha Jarrod & Heather love improving our home together and we knocked out the 2.5 ft shower and built a 7 ft shower. We have a dog named Malibu, she’s a boxer. And 2 cats, Oliver and Roe’n!

Openness is extremely important to us. We’re sincerely hoping for a “family” feel to our relationship. We would love regular communication of pictures and videos via text or email. We’re also open to meeting up and spending time together. The openness we have with Jaclyn’s mom is, unfortunately, less than what we had hoped. We send regular updates and emails often, but we don’t hear a lot back. We’re hoping that as she gets older, we will form more 2-way conversations with her family so she can know them as well. We can’t wait to get to know you!!

  • I was about 12 when I decided I wanted to be an engineer.
  • I love to start projects around the house but don’t always quite finish them…
  • I am a die-hard Colts and Purdue fan.
  • I don’t do heights. Even standing on a chair to change a light bulb makes me a bit uneasy.
  • My favorite thing to do on vacation is eat the local food. If I can eat it near home, I don’t want it.
  • I LOVE dogs. If Heather would let me I would get 5 more.
  • I have had my only dance move nicknamed “The Jarrod”.
  • My favorite candy is Swedish Fish, especially when they are just slightly stale.
  • I prefer listening to audio-books or podcasts when I’m alone in the car vs. music
  • I’m a total sucker for movies featuring over the top explosions and special effects.
  • I absolutely LOVE being a stay at home mom. I’ve never enjoyed anything more than this.
  • I LOVE sports-playing, watching, and teaching. But I also love ballet & dancing!
  • I HATE raccoons and am irrationally terrified!
  • I love the Colts and learned to love Purdue!
  • I hate cleaning the kitchen! I will happily scrub a toilet over the dishes any day!
  • I love to mow the lawn; Jarrod has only done it a handful of times!
  • I actually love playing video games! Thankfully Jarrod puts up with my mediocrity.
  • I LOVE to be outside and try to plan days where we’re inside as little as possible!
  • While on vacation, I would prefer to laze around the pool/beach and read a book. Jarrod wants to be active and do ALL THE THINGS. We learned of this difference on our honeymoon! Haha
  • If you walk into our home randomly, there’s a 100% chance music will be on and we’ll be dancing like no one is watching.
  • This year, I was the youngest girl on my neighborhood swim team! And I won a race!
  • I love to sing. The Greatest Showman is my favorite movie!
  • I am in kindergarten and we got a new classmate today! I asked to sit beside her and played with her at recess!
  • I love helping Sissy. We love to read together.
  • My favorite time of the day is when my daddy gets home from work.
  • I love purple!
  • I get to do gymnastics. Sister is at dance. I want to dance too.
  • I got to meet Moana and Anna!
  • My favorite book is called “Tickle Monster” because mommy reads it and tickles me!
  • My favorite song is “Happy Birthday!”
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