Heather & John

Our Story

Hi! We are very eager get to know you, and would love to have an open adoption relationship with you. Heather works for a beer distributor and owns her own bakery business, and John is a customer service manager for a national coffee distributor. We have been together for 15 years, and are very family and friend oriented. We enjoy having game nights, going on trips, and cooking dinner together. We hope you consider a partnership with us!

We met in high school 15 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. We are each other’s best friends and love spending time together. While our marriage isn’t always perfect, when we have a disagreement, we always talk through it. Neither of us are afraid to say what’s on our mind, and we always communicate through the good and bad. Open communication is priority in our household, along with prioritizing family, loyalty, and respect.

We both grew up in the Indianapolis area, and between both of us – we have 4 brothers and 4 sisters that we are very close with. Our respective parents raised us with open communication and provided unconditional love and support through childhood and as adults, creating our tight family bond. It is this reason that we plan to emulate the same parenting practices as ours did. Family is everything to us, and we spend as much time as possible with them. Heathers father and step mother live in Florida, and we regularly fly down to see them, host them here in Indy, or meeting somewhere in between to spend a few days of quality time together! Our local family in Indiana are always getting together for weekly game nights, holidays and special occasions. They are all so excited and couldn’t be more supportive about adoption. We are truly blessed to have our families!

Heather is a very loving and caring person! She is very excited to parent a little one and loves spending time with children. She really enjoys being with her best friend’s daughter, whether its babysitting, face timing, or just sitting on the couch watching a movie. Heather is very organized and detail-oriented, which is a great counterpart to her laid-back personality. When she’s not at work, you can usually find her baking cupcakes or making cookies! My favorite attribute of Heather’s is her commitment to her loved ones. Regardless of the hard times we face, Heather will always stand up for what she believes in and the ones she loves.

I would describe John as my perfect fit. He is very calm, dependable, and listens to understand. My favorite thing about John is his willingness to provide for our family, making sure that we are comfortable, safe and happy. John is always the first one to gravitate towards the kids in social gatherings, practicing his fatherly duties, playing hide and seek, spinning in circles, and playing games with them. Kids are naturally drawn to John, and I think they are a great judge of character. He also has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh and make others laugh!

Once we are placed with a child, Heather will work part time at her day job, and her mom is committed to babysit while we are at work. We think this is very important because the child will be able to be with family all the time! We have a village willing to help raise our future adoptee, and are confident our child will have lots of children to bond and play with. We currently only have one baby in the immediate family, John’s brother and his wife have our adorable 2-year-old niece. Heather’s sister is expecting our next niece or nephew, due in May 2020. Heathers best friend’s daughter, who will be turning 4 in April, will become a big sister in April 2020. We also have our fur babies C.C. (a Great Dane), Chewy (a Jack Russel), and Mac (our kitty cat) who we love to spoil with love and affection. C.C. is short for chocolate chip, Chewy is for a chewy cookie, and Mac is short for Macadamia nut – obviously all cookies because of Heathers love of baking.

We have many hobbies and interests that we like to do together, as well as separately. Together we like to do things such as playing board games and old Nintendo games with our friends and family, watching movies, cooking, and playing with our animals! Cooking together is really one of our favorite hobbies, and we each have our own little “specialties” in the kitchen. For example, we love to make steak and potatoes together, where Heather cooks a perfect medium steak, and John makes the best potato soup. John’s individual interests include playing the bass guitar and LOVES to watch and play sports. John is in a flag football league that he loves being a part of, while Heather loves to cheer from the sidelines. Heather’s interests include painting, baking, and basically anything artistic.

We both love our home and community. Our home has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a sunroom, and fenced in backyard. We were very excited to decorate our future nursery, and we went with a “starry night” theme because we’ve wished for adoption on many stars. We are in a diverse community with great neighbors that we are always chatting with, whether it’s about sports, their children, or landscaping, we’re always making conversation. We are lucky enough to live within 5-10 minutes of immediate family members, and is the reason why we are able to spend so much time with them.

We found out at a young age that we would not be able to have biological children because of an infertility issue Heather was born with. For years, we knew that adoption would be the best way for us to start a family. We would love to have an open relationship with you and to be able to send pictures, letters, texts, etc. to keep you involved in the child’s life. We strongly believe this will not only be great to have so many people that love and care about the child, but will also be very beneficial to their life to know their entire story and history. We are hopeful to have a lifetime relationship with you and hope that we are what you envision as you consider adoption and who may be your child’s adoptive parents.

  • I always wear an adult onesie for game nights… so I have about 20 or so at this point. All different animals or themes!
  • I host a “Galentines” every year for all my gal pals and we each paint a small canvas (they keep them most of the time, but I have an entire wall of painted canvases from past years.
  • I have flown on a plane over 100 times going between Florida and Indiana – and going on vacations.
  • I don’t like to give normal wrapped presents. I create baskets, or stacked boxes with bows to make the presentation pop.
  • I am extremely organized and like to make a list for everything. I have found myself writing a list, to make a list for tomorrow.
  • I have 2 sisters – and I have blond hair, Michele has Brunette hair, and Jenna has red hair!
  • My step dad owns a tree business – so every 4th of July we go up in a bucket truck and can watch fireworks from all the surrounding towns.
  • One of my cakes was featured on the news for an Indy Car race.
  • My favorite TV show is I Love Lucy - which is a black and white TV show, but hysterical.
  • Half way through our wedding, the power went out at our venue and we brought everyone to the parking lot to finish dancing and celebrating.
  • Even though Heather bakes the yummiest desserts in the world, I don’t like eating sweets!!
  • I pour my milk before my cereal and Heather thinks it is super weird!
  • I basically do not speak during a game of Chinese checkers because I am planning out my next 5 moves.
  • I can beat the entire game of Super Mario World on Nintendo without 1 game over.
  • My mom used to scare me as a kid by hiding a Chucky doll around the house – but now I LOVE horror movies.
  • My name is on a plaque at a bowling alley for winning a State Championship in a travel bowling league.
  • I was once featured on the news as a teenager for making an education video about reading.
  • I am the sixth generation of men in my family with the same name.
  • I always try to recreate recipes Heather and I like from restaurants or see on TV at home.
  • I always wear funny socks – never a plain color.
  • I am BEST FRIENDS with the cat and we always snuggle on the couch together.
  • When I go out in the back yard, I stand on our outdoor furniture and bark at the wind!! Literally the wind… until you let me back in!
  • I am a large Great Dane and I’m terrified of the cat. I won’t walk through a doorway if Mac is looking at me.
  • I could sit in the same position forever as long as you are rubbing my behind. I won’t move a muscle!
  • I got put on a diet at my last vet appointment for weighting in at a whopping 16 pounds!
  • I think I am a dog and always want to be doing what Chewy and C.C. are doing, whether it’s snuggling on the couch, or going outside for a “photoshoot” on a leash!
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