Erin & Meredith

Our Story

Hi! We are Meredith, Erin, and Carlyle, a fun-loving family who love spending our time playing outside, walking our dog, and going on trips.  Our family is loving and supportive of our plan to adopt again. They are eager to gain a new family member that they can watch grow, learn and witness Carlyle as a big sister.

We enjoy spending time with our extended family near and far, whether that is visiting Meredith’s sister in Columbus, Ohio or going to see Erin’s family in Southern Indiana.  In the past year and a half, we have gained both a niece, Parker, and a nephew, EJ. In addition to our most important role of being Carlyle’s parents, we take being ‘aunties’ very seriously. We love that Carlyle has many cousins close in age to play and grow up with.

We met 7 years ago on a blind date and were instantly connected. We talked for hours and shared stories. On that date, we learned about each other’s silly senses of humor and have made each other laugh ever since!  As sappy as it sounds, from that moment on we have been together. We believe in building a marriage on honesty, trust, laughter, and love and strive to build on these components every day. We strive to instill these values into our daughter and provide a home where she can thrive. Raising a kind, strong, and intelligent daughter is a great honor and an even greater responsibility.

Erin is kind, loyal and dedicated. She shows love and kindness every day and inspires me to be a better person, mother, and spouse. Whether it is writing a quick letter and sneaking it into my lunch or giving me a call after a long day, her presence makes life wonderful. Erin works very hard and she will go above and beyond to assist and support me, Carlyle, her family, friends, and co-workers. She is a financial analyst for a logistics company and takes great pride in working on budgets and reviewing financials. Erin works with many neat companies such as Harley-Davidson.

One of the biggest things I admire about Erin is her dedication and passion for our family. Erin is a dedicated and fun mama and she brings a sense of wonder and adventure into Carlyle’s life. Additionally, she will go to any length to help Carlyle learn new things and to make her laugh. The truth is, Erin has a wonderful sense of humor and can make any situation fun and entertaining.

Meredith is the love of my life, my best friend, my partner in crime and my happy place. She is the kindest, hardworking, smartest, dedicated, honest, funniest, caring, and loving person I know. She makes me smile and feels loved every day. I am her #1 fan.  She is an amazing, caring, nurturing and smart mom, with Carlyle. I envy the way she interacts with Carlyle by allowing every moment and decision for Carlyle to be a learning opportunity for her. Meredith refers to me as the fun mom, which I enjoy, but she is a fun mom too. I’ve witnessed many laughing fits from them and it usually involves playing with one of our cats. I admire that Meredith is a very thoughtful, rational and level-headed mother.  I love the unspoken bond that Carlyle and Meredith have as they both were born in the same town as each other.

Meredith is a special education consultant; she works with teachers to help students have the best education possible. Before becoming a special education consultant, Meredith was a special education teacher and assistant principal. I have seen her interact with her students and she gives off such a great, kind, caring vibe. She cares so much about the well-being of students and is always looking to fight for the rights of the kids who need the most assistance. She still is in contact with a lot her previous students and will check up on them frequently to see how they are doing. Last winter we even attended a birthday party for two of her former students. She even has gone so far to write letters of recommendations for her students. Both of our jobs allow us to be flexible with our time which is a blessing for our growing family.

In 2017, we were blessed with our daughter through adoption. We have an open adoption with Carlyle’s birth parents and greatly value our relationship with them. We share photos and stories with them weekly, send Carlyle’s art projects, and see them several times a year. Recently, we have connected with Carlyle’s birth aunt and have enjoyed watching Carlyle connect with her auntie. As a family, we value and understand the importance of our open adoption with Carlyle’s birth family.

Carlyle is referred to as our ‘joy bomb’ because she leaves joy and happiness everywhere she goes. She is curious, kind, funny, and very smart. Being her parents is both an honor and the greatest gift we have received. As her parents, it is our most important responsibility to raise a kind, hardworking, confident, and strong daughter. We are excited to watch Carlyle transform into a big sister!

We live in the suburbs in a three-bedroom home, which allows room for us to grow our family.

We share our home with our dog, Layla, and three cats, Eve, Foy, and Lumiee. They make our home fun and humorous, with their individual personalities. They enjoy having Carlyle as a sister, especially Eve.  Due to the animals, we have a six-foot wooden fence around our back yard, which makes the perfect place to lie in the hammock, play in the playhouse, or sandbox. In the summer, we set up a pool for Carlyle to swim.

We are lucky enough to have a local park in our backyard, you can literally open our fence gate into the soccer field. Carlyle loves the park. The park has a playground, basketball courts, and a walking path, which connects all of the parks in the town. We love to walk this path in the evenings or swing. Our home is also located in a great public-school district, which is diverse and close to our home.

Family is important to us and we spend a great deal of time with both sides of the family. Erin’s parents Kathy and Joe have been together for 37 years! Erin is the oldest of four siblings, her sister, Colleen, and two brothers Joseph and Michael. Her brother Joseph and his wife, Kayla, have three children Liam, Elliott, and Skyler. Colleen and her husband Edgar recently welcomed their first son, EJ.

Meredith has two younger sisters, Kaylynn and Hannah, who are her best friends, both growing up and now. Although all three sisters are very different, they have a mutual love and respect for each other. Kaylynn’s and her husband Chuck have two daughters, Sawyer and Parker. Meredith’s youngest sister, Hannah lives in Columbus, Ohio with her wife Emily. They are nurturing aunties to all three nieces. Carlyle and Sawyer are best friends! Meredith’s parents are very supportive and nurturing.  They have been married for 40 years!  Her mom is a small animal veterinarian and owns her own clinic, and my dad is a business manager.

As parents, we love that Carlyle has so many cousins close in age to play, celebrate holidays, and experience family vacations.


If you decide to move ahead with an adoption plan and choose to partner with us on this journey, your child will be surrounded by lots of love, laughter, and a big sister to teach her little sibling new and exciting things. Carlyle has been our biggest blessing in our lives and we are excited to grow our family and amplify our love! We are very thankful for our relationship with Carlyle’s birthparents and know the value of open adoption.

Our Family
  • Every Halloween we dress up with a theme. Last year we were Sesame Street Characters-Carlyle was the cutest Elmo, Erin was Cookie Monster and Meredith was Oscar the Grouch.
  • It is our family tradition to go to Disney the week before Christmas. We are joined by Erin's brother, Joseph, wife Kayla, Liam, Skyler, and Elliott.
  • As a family, we have an Indianapolis Zoo pass and visit the zoo often. Our family favorites are the orangutan and walrus.
  • We love to hike as a family with our dog Layla. Our favorite place to hike is Eagle Creek Park.
  • In the summer, we love to go to outside concerts.
  • I have mad dance skills. My favorite dance song is the Paw Patrol theme song. Although sometimes, I make my mamas play ‘Let It Go’ on repeat.
  • I love the movie Frozen, my favorite Disney character is Olaf. I also love warm hugs.
  • I sometimes call myself Lyle, it's short for Carlyle. My mamas call me Cars.
  • I have a playground just outside my house. I love to swing, and I am working on going down the slide all by myself.
  • I used to be afraid of sand. However, when I went to Florida, I was brave and played in the sand. I really love it now!
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