Drew & Elizabeth

Our Story

Hello! We are Drew and Elizabeth. We met in college, became best friends, and have been married for 10 years! Drew works as a shop manager for a large equipment company and Elizabeth works with children as an occupational therapist.  In addition to spending time with family and friends, we enjoy watching shows on Netflix, playing or watching all kinds of sports, like ping pong and golf, doing projects inside and outside the house, or using our variety of smokers/grills to make delicious meals! Relationships are a priority for us, and we hope to get to know you soon!

About Us

Drew was born and raised in Arizona and moved to Indiana to go to college on a swimming scholarship where he met Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was born and raised in a small town in Indiana. We dated long distance for a period of time after college and we became proficient in communication; establishing a strong foundation of trust. Since being married, we’ve always wanted to expand our family. We were previously foster parents and while the path to parenthood has not been an easy one for us, with our foundation of trust, we’ve only become closer through our journey.  We value friends and family, hard work, laughter, and traditions, both old and new ones as we grow together as a family. 


Our Community

We have lived in southern Indiana for about 7 years and we love living in a small community with strong family values and a great school system.  There are several parks, indoor play areas, and a YMCA nearby. We live within an hour’s drive of several larger cities with children’s museums, state parks and other fun activities for kids. 

While we have parents, grandparents, and lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and their children nearby, we have a large group of friends in our community that are like family.  We attend events, go out to eat, play sports, and help each other out with projects when needed.  All of our friends in our community have kids which we love to interact with, learn from, and celebrate with. We are excited to raise children alongside this amazing group of people.


Elizabeth on Drew

Drew has been my best friend for over 16 years! Drew is a dedicated, hard-working, fun loving, and goofy guy! He goes above and beyond what is necessary to be a good friend, husband, uncle, and son. He is strong, steady, and consistent. 

When we started foster care, Drew was all in (well except for some of the smellier diapers)! It was a joy to watch him embrace being “dad” for a time and now he thrives as an uncle. He loves visiting our nieces, playing with them, reading to them, and spoiling them. With our foster children, he was the perfect balance of fun and formative, helping them learn skills that would serve them later in life.  Without a doubt, our children will know a father’s unwavering love, support, and trust.


Drew on Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an amazing woman.  What first attracted me to her is her fierce competitiveness, intellect and faith.  Elizabeth grew up in a small town and is very close with her immediate and extended family.  I enjoy giving Elizabeth a hard time about growing up in the country but her small town-country values are what we cherish most in our relationship; honesty, empathy, faith and community.  Elizabeth is always the first to volunteer when a neighbor or friend needs assistance and always knows what to do or say to make someone feel loved.

I love watching Elizabeth engage with children.  Her nieces love her so much and light up with giant smiles when they see their Aunt Lizzie! Elizabeth will be a fantastic mother.  She displayed this with our foster children.  She is fun, energetic, outgoing, trustworthy, and disciplined.  Unquestionably, our children will experience their mother’s love and grow up to be intelligent and contributing members of their community.


Our Family

Our families are so excited to add another family member! Elizabeth’s parents live about one hour away and can’t wait to love, nurture, and explore the world with a new grandbaby! Drew has family all over and can’t wait to experience all life has to offer through a child’s eyes! We have a larger extended family that lives about an hour from us. We gather for holidays and celebrations…sometimes more than 40 people at a time! It’s great to have support and love from such a large family!  We value the time we have with our family and friends and seek it out at every opportunity we get.  

We have two sweet and energetic dogs, Coco and Ruby.  They love having kids in the house to play with! We go on lots of walks and truck rides and spend time throwing the ball outside. 


Our Parenting

We have been blessed to have experienced glimpses of parenting through the foster care system. Parenting brought out the best in us! We loved having kids to light up our home. We want our kids to know they are loved through words and actions. We want to raise children to have a life full of experiences and opportunities to help them grow into kind and smart human beings who value family, education, and faith. We will raise our children so they know their story. We hope to embrace an open relationship with our child’s birth family so they can have that as well! 

  • I like taking our dogs on rides in our truck.
  • I went to college on a swimming scholarship, butterfly was my best stroke.
  • I can still do a double front flip off a diving board.
  • I love making food on the grill and smoker…I make great pulled pork, peach cobbler, and last Thanksgiving smoked the best turkey!
  • I am still uber competitive and try to race old guys when swimming laps at the local YMCA.
  • I used to operate big mining equipment, every little boy’s dream!
  • I enjoy going to auctions and or online auctions looking for unique items to display in our house.
  • I talk to my dogs like they are human and understands what I am saying.
  • I like to tinker with things in the garage like my truck and lawn mowers—if I don’t know how to do it, someone on youtube does!
  • I drive my wife crazy with my organizational habits.
  • Growing up, we made pizza almost every Saturday. One of our favorite variations is general tso chicken pizza.
  • I love doing puzzles and playing games.
  • I enjoy letting the dogs walk me around our neighborhood.
  • We enjoy hosting family gatherings where we cook, play games, and play with our nieces.
  • I love the water—swimming and kayaking are some of my favorite things.
  • I plant a garden every year…we always plant tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and flowers but the weeds grow the best.
  • We love to travel. One travel goal is to go to all the major league baseball stadiums—we’ve seen 9 together so far!
  • We go camping several times each year at state parks.
  • I’m the “messy” one in our relationship. Drew has tried to train me but my closet is still a mess!
  • I love to cook and bake. Some of my favorites are holiday cookies, buffalo chicken dip, grape salad, and blueberry stuffed French toast.
  • I love car rides. I will spin at the back door until it opens so I can jump in the truck!
  • When our nieces visit, I follow them around because they like to drop snacks for me.
  • I love to be outside and smell everything! Sometimes my nose can distract me too much so I don’t hear mom or dad calling my name. But I can always hear the treat jar shake!
  • I’m good at taking naps and licking!
  • I love to go on walks…mom and dad can’t say “walk” without me getting too excited and running to where the leashes are!
  • I like to carry around my toys. My current favorite is a red fish.
  • I’m always up for a good belly rub or snuggle! If you stop too soon, I’ll remind you to keep going by waving my front paws at you.
  • I love when our nieces visit because they will throw the ball or toy for me to chase.
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