Chris & Colin

Our Story

Hello! We are Chris & Colin! We are so excited to become parents and have a relationship with you! Colin is a psychologist in private practice and has previous experience working in college counseling centers. Chris has extensive history working in the restaurant business and is looking forward to being a stay-at-home daddy!

We met in Broad Ripple; it truly was love at first sight! We have been inseparable ever since. We share a passion for travelling and Chris always has the next several destinations in mind. We go on daily walks with our dogs, Bruno and Icarus, and enjoy working out together in our home gym. Our competitive side shows when we play Monopoly or Mario Kart, and at the end of the day we come together to enjoy good food and conversation. 

We began talking about adoption early on in our relationship. We want to provide a nurturing and safe home for a child in need and provide a lifestyle that neither of us had growing up. Adoption is special to Chris’ heart in particular as he has a niece and nephew who were adopted from foster care during early adolescence.

Chris (from Colin’s view)

I was attracted to Chris from the moment I saw him walk by me in his red tank top in Broad Ripple. Little did I know that connection would immediately solidify upon our first conversation that night which led to our planning our first date later that week.  And, like they say – the rest is history! He has been incredibly strong and trustworthy as he has stood by my side through all our struggles in moving to California and living off a post-doc salary to living in central Illinois for my work where we knew no one to finally returning to Indianapolis to grow our family. I am impressed by his bulldog mentality and I know that I can always count on him having my back. He shows his love for me on a daily basis and doesn’t back down – even when I try to escape! He already does so much to keep our family and house in order that I know he will be a great daddy. My heart will melt the first moment that I see him hold our baby and I cannot wait to continue to see him grow as a parent.

Colin (from Chris’ view)

I was attracted to Colin right away due to his dashing good looks, and the fact that he was tall. During our first conversation I knew he was the one, and my dreams were coming true in that moment. From the beginning of our relationship, Colin provided a safe space for me that I had never experienced before and provided unconditional love in every aspect of our lives. Colin has continued to support our family during various moves throughout the country and works effortlessly to make our family want for nothing. I know Colin will be a very passionate father as he already strives for the best for me and our dogs on a daily basis. 

Our Families

Colin grew up in California where his parents still live. They are so excited to be grandparents. We enjoy returning to beautiful California frequently to visit his parents and explore nearby beaches, mountains, and wine country.

Chris is from Indianapolis; we are especially close with his mom who lives nearby and will be a very involved grandma who will help with child care when needed. We both enjoy different cultures, experiencing different walks of life, and intend to have our child well-immersed in such fields. Chris is the youngest of 4 children, and has significant age gaps between each sibling, so he has a large family although the closeness in relationships isn’t prominent. 

Our Community

We are excited to have bought our first home last summer in the suburbs of Indianapolis. Our two fur babies love our fenced in backyard. We spend many nights in our basement lounging together all four of us on the couch watching a movie or enjoying our mancave which is one-part gym and another part comic and arts and crafts area. We look forward to giving our child the opportunity to play with all the neighborhood children in our cul-de-sac, learn to swim in the family community pool, and attend the great schools in the neighborhood. We are blessed to have a diverse group of friends in the area from all walks of life.

Our Parenting

We believe we will be great parents because we complement each other so well as a couple. We will be able to offer a range of expertise and experiences from Colin’s athletic background and knowledge of sports to Chris’ musical/art background and knowledge of comics to our shared love of travel. We value education and will want our child to be offered numerous opportunities so that they can choose their path in life. Our strengths as a couple of communication, loyalty, and teamwork will enable us to excel as parents.

Open Adoption

Colin and I have a unique situation as we are going to be a same sex couple (two dads) to our baby. We look forward to having a strong relationship with you, as we want you to be the maternal figure for our child not only during infancy, but during the course of their lives. At the end of the day, you will always be the mother, and we are both eternally grateful for the opportunity to raise a beautiful child together. 

  • I’ve personally dyed my hair 9 different colors.
  • I’ve traveled throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • I graduated college and got married within a week.
  • I have over 40 tattoos.
  • I won numerous poetry contests in middle school.
  • I did the Disney College Program.
  • I had a summer internship in London, England.
  • I am a huge X-Men fan and have over 5,000 comics and 500 action figures.
  • I was on homecoming and prom courts Senior year of high school.
  • I visited an Elephant Sanctuary in Africa.
  • I was a 4-season athlete growing up.
  • I adopt a manatee in Florida every year in memory of my brother.
  • I am the all-time Mario Kart Champion in our house.
  • I meditate and practice mindfulness.
  • I was top 5 of my high school graduating class.
  • My summer job through college was working for my local sanitary district cleaning and maintaining sewer lines.
  • I was first team pre-season All-American as a college pitcher before injuring my shoulder.
  • I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite.
  • I am the grill master of the house.
  • I grew up tailgating with my family for 49ers games.
  • I love to play catch.
  • Giving kisses is my favorite past-time.
  • I’m basically like Scooby-Doo; any slight thing scares me.
  • I’m a good listener.
  • I’m from the streets of Oakland, CA.
  • First, I’m sour, then I’m sweet
  • I sleep in-between my daddy’s legs in bed every night
  • I am a known sock thief
  • I have separation anxiety
  • I am scrappy because I have a big brother as back-up
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