Chrissy & Kris

Our Story

Hi! We’re Kris and Chrissy, and we live in downtown Indianapolis with our dog, Tillie and cat, Luna. Chrissy works as a Registered Nurse on a cardiac unit and Kris works from home for a marketing agency. We like to stay active and love taking Tillie on walks through the neighborhood, having movie nights with our nieces, going on bike rides through the city, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, and enjoy hikes and spending time with our family that is close by. We value family so much and look forward to getting to know you!

Kris (from Chrissy)

Kris is one of the most genuine people I have met. He makes people feel comfortable and the conversation never gets dull. His loyalty and honesty, in every relationship, are some of his best qualities. He supports his friends and family and pushes them to achieve their goals and better themselves. When I come to him for advice, he gives it straight and honest. Sometimes it’s hard hearing what he has to say, but almost all of the time he is right. He really makes me think! He is the best partner. He is always reading and listening to podcasts on ways to make a marriage strong. I love him for that! Kris is very goal oriented, hard-working, and driven. He is constantly trying to improve himself, from the golf course to a work zoom meeting, his passion and hard work shine. His love for his family and friends is evident. He would do anything in the world for them and expresses his love to them. He has such a kind and gentle soul. Kris also loves our fur children! He has spent countless hours training and researching ways to help Tillie be the best girl. He makes sure to take her on walks and schedules play time with her daily. I know he will be a loving and nurturing father. And, his dad jokes are getting better every day!

Chrissy (from Kris)

Chrissy is the most compassionate and caring person I know. This really shines when she comes home every night from work and talks about her patients in the most kind way, talking like they’ve always been best friends. Her energy is infectious and she’s always singing and dancing around the house and I can’t help but smile, and sometimes sing along. Chrissy always encourages me to try new things and supports me in whatever hobby or goal I take on; she really is my biggest cheerleader. The way our personalities come together is perfect as she encourages me to take risks and get out of my comfort zone. I’ll never forget how she pushed for our current home. Watching it transform from a fixer-upper into a warm, inviting home to our growing family has been hard work, but great, and I never get tired of watching the love she pours into it every day. The way she interacts with our nieces seems to be second nature, they get so excited for when we watch them, and I can’t wait to watch what a great mother she will become.


We are family oriented and spend a lot of quality time with them. With Kris’ Mom we like to have bonfires, take our nieces to the zoo, and travel to Florida with our extended family. With Kris’ Dad we have a yearly pumpkin carving party, go to the Indy 500, and take trips to Brown County. With Chrissy’s family we travel to Lake Michigan for a week every summer, celebrate Christmas Eve, and grill steaks on Saturdays. Our Mom’s are ready for a new grandbaby! They will be caring for the child while we work. We both have growing families with weddings and new babies every year! Our family is beyond excited for our new addition!

We enjoy spending time with our friends, most of which are like family. Most of Chrissy’s friends have children while Kris’ are just starting to grow their families. With our friends we like to have game nights, go to Colt’s games, hike with our dogs, and enjoy all that downtown Indy has to offer. Kris’ best friends live in Washington, DC and San Diego, and we try to visit when we can. We have a very supportive and loving group of friends!


We live in a historic neighborhood on the south end of downtown Indianapolis. Our house was built in 1911 and still has most of its original woodwork and charm.  It is a 3 bedroom, craftsman style home with a fenced in yard. Over the past 2 years we have been updating it one room at a time. Our current project, the nursery, is almost complete! Our home has a modern style with lots of plants. We have a large front porch that we relax on and watch Tillie run around.

Our neighborhood is urban and has a great sense of community. It is culturally diverse and welcoming to all people. There are many schools close by including public, charter, and private. We are within walking distance to parks, the library, restaurants, and coffee shops. There are many young families in our neighborhood and lots of dogs!



We hope to raise our child to be a good human! One that is respectful, loving, and kind to all. We value open and honest communication in our family and will teach our child to do the same. We will instill good morals and a strong work ethic. Education will be a priority in our home. We hope they are confident, strong, smart, and of course silly!

Kris and I will have a teammate approach to parenting, working together to teach and develop our child. We will show them love and set a good example of a healthy marriage and life. We will provide for them and protect them. We will speak of adoption to them from birth and they will know how much they are loved by all! We look forward to creating an open relationship with you, sharing experiences with you along the way.

  • I could eat Taco Bell every day!
  • I love being a nurse. It is rewarding and challenging.
  • I often throw impromptu dance parties.. For myself and Tillie! I tell Kris to turn the music UP!
  • I grew up on the west side of Indianapolis and go to the Indy 500 every year.
  • I enjoy researching the history of Indianapolis, especially the architecture. Old houses are the best.
  • I have quite the pajama collection!
  • I picked up running 2 years ago and ran 2 half marathons last year.
  • I plan a theme night every year during family vacation! Last year’s theme was “Little Italy”.
  • I am a fan of true crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries.
  • I enjoy long walks down the aisles of Target!
  • My dad got me into cycling when I was young and I love it. I once rode the elevation of Mt. Everest, it took me 22 hours, I’ve also ridden the Ride Across Indiana in under 7 hours.
  • I have 7 tattoos.
  • I can juggle and I was on the juggling team in elementary school.
  • I love coffee and am kind of a coffee snob, I even worked part time at a local shop for a while.
  • I love to cook, making homemade deep dish pizza with Chrissy is the best.
  • I love house music.
  • My birthday is on Halloween.
  • I was born in Georgia and love watching Georgia Bulldogs football.
  • I have a big sweet tooth, ice cream is my go-to treat.
  • I like camping and going on backpacking trips.
  • I am the fastest dog in Indy!
  • I like to lick everyone that I meet.
  • I like to eat everything BUT my food.. Treats are great, but have you ever had mulch?!
  • I love kids because they are small and fast, like me!
  • I just discovered fireflies this summer! I like to jump and catch them!
  • I am the Queen of the castle!
  • I used to live in a field. Then one day I jumped into my mom’s car, followed her inside the house, and I never left!
  • I once fell from a second story balcony and my dad caught me.
  • I love ice cream!!
  • I’m ready to take naps with a new baby brother or sister!
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