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Our Story

Hello! We are Matthew and Chris; we have been married almost 4 years. We dated initially long-distance which taught us so much about communication, appreciation, and showing love in creative, thoughtful ways. Matthew is the director of a non-profit organization that provides meals for kids and teaches about cooking and farming. Chris is a third-grade teacher at an Indianapolis school. We live on the west side of Indianapolis and love to hike, practice yoga, travel, and spend time with friends and family. Most of all we love to cook together. Okay, actually we love to eat most of all, but the cooking part is really fun too!  We are so excited to become parents and are so excited to get to know you!

Early in our dating relationship, we agreed that we wanted to be dads someday. Quickly we realized that we wanted to build our family through adoption. We both have close friends who were adopted and Chris grew up with two cousins who were adopted from China. Those two little girls completed his family in an unexpected and joyful way! Their stories were celebrated and their heritage was honored.

We value connection, honesty, communication, and love. We were raised with the idea that loving others is the best way we show our love of God. The real master of our house is our three-year old dog, Arthur. It’s nice of him to let us live there. 

Matthew about Chris

Chris immediately caught my eye because of his good looks and his genuine character. Chris lives for a good game night with friends and loves to talk about and perform musical theatre. I admire that Chris is close to his friends and family – even though some live far away. Chris is predictable and caring. He listens to my problems and is a constant strength for me. The first time Chris met my family, he started reading a book out loud to my nephews with different voices for each of the characters. I’m certain he had honed that nurturing skill as a teacher, but he kept them engaged for two hours! From that moment on, I knew he would not only be a great husband, but also a wonderful dad.

Chris about Matthew

As I arrived at the restaurant for our first date, I remember spotting Matthew across the parking lot getting out of his car. It was a gorgeous summer day and I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen! As we got to know each other that first day, I came to realize that there is a lot more to him than the cute cleft in his chin. Matthew is the hardest working person I know. From growing the non-profit he works for, to remodeling our house, to spending all Saturday making home-made bread; Matthew lives out his love for others through acts of service. He is patient, understanding, and unconditionally supportive. Seeing him with our nephews has made me look forward to the day that he is a dad. I know he is going to be a great one!

Our Family and Community

Our families play a large role in our lives. Our extended family lives in Missouri, Arkansas, and  Kentucky. Although we are separated by distance we love to celebrate holidays together. When we can’t be together physically, we have found other ways to nurture our relationships. FaceTime and Skype have been blessings! We are also fortunate to have close friendships that have become family in their own right. When we shared our hope to adopt with the people we love, they were so excited for us. Chris’s parents are especially excited to be first-time grandparents.

We live in a walkable neighborhood in west Indianapolis. We are a block away from a cute main street with shops and restaurants.  We love to regularly take advantage of the walking trail nearby, and so does Arthur. He enthusiastically greets everyone we meet! We are within walking distance of several parks and schools. Our house has a fenced backyard and our whale-themed nursery is ready to go! Our church is a short drive away. We feel fortunate to be part of this diverse, open, and welcoming group of people.


We are looking forward to being parents and providing a nurturing, loving, and joy-filled home for a child. We want to create an environment where our child feels safe, confident, and comfortable to ask us anything. We want them to have the opportunity to explore and discover their passions. They may grow to be artists, bookworms, musicians, or athletes. We will be our child’s cheerleader in anything they pursue.

We both plan to take paternity leave. Chris works with many teachers who are parents and they have been generous with excellent child-care recommendations. Eventually, we hope for our child to go to school with Chris. There is a fantastic pre-school program at the school.

Thank you for reading our profile! We look forward to getting to know you!

  • I am a total bookworm.
  • One of my favorite memories is going to Scotland with my grandparents when I was 14.
  • I am a huge theatre nerd, especially musicals!
  • I have been teaching for seven years and can’t imagine doing anything else.
  • I have had students accidentally call me Mom, Dad, and Grandpa. I was pretty flattered.
  • I don’t load the dishwasher correctly…according to Matthew.
  • My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac and I’ve seen them in concert.
  • I have one sister. I am ten years older!
  • I try to eat healthy, but Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure.
  • I am very organized and love lists!
  • I speak Spanish fluently and used to teach high school.
  • I was in the Boy Scouts from kindergarten to age 18. I’m even an Eagle Scout!
  • I love to cook.
  • I once tried to use a handful of putty to stop a huge basement flood. It didn’t work out.
  • I’ve travelled through Spain, Mexico, and Costa Rica.
  • Chris says I never turn off the bathroom light. Oops!
  • I am handy around the house. My favorite project was building an herb garden in the back yard.
  • I scratch my head when I am sleepy.
  • Buffalo wings are my favorite.
  • At work, I once had to chase an escaped baby goat for six blocks.
  • I’m a rescue!
  • Cuddling is my favorite thing to do!
  • I greet guests with a toy. They can look…but they can’t touch.
  • I love to hide in a corner of the yard until tempted back inside with a treat.
  • I’m excited to have a little brother or sister! I’m happy to clean up any snacks they drop.
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