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Our Story

Hi!  We’re Josh and Brianna and we can’t wait to meet you!

We’ve been married over five years and together for eight.  We can’t wait to expand our little family and share our lives with a child through open adoption.  Josh is a pharmacy technician at a major hospital in Indianapolis and Brianna is an area manager for a local ice cream chain.  We love seeing movies, trivia and game nights, comedy shows, working out together, and arguing over who would win in a fight: Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter.

Josh is truly the best man I’ve ever met.  He’s fiercely loyal and supportive, a hard worker, and a huge nerd.  The moment I knew I loved him was the moment I knew what a good father he would be.  A few months into dating I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t sleep.  We moved to the couch so I could watch TV.  I fell asleep on him and woke hours later to the TV off and a dark room and Josh still in the same position.  I asked him why he hadn’t moved and he said he didn’t want to wake me.  I knew then that this was a man who was meant to be a dad.  He loves to laugh and is wasting all his dad jokes on me.  I can tell him anything.  He tells me I’m cute no matter what I look like.  He thinks about everything, and when he starts a project he has to finish it.  He’s super strong and my niece and nephew love climbing him like a tree.  I love watching him with them.  He will sit with my nephew for hours watching him play the same football video game because Deacon likes to explain every play to someone.  Did I mention the dad jokes?

Brianna is already a mom, she’s just waiting for a kid to love.  When we had our nephew Deacon over, he got a little cranky.  She managed to turn him right back around by being fun and finding things that he wanted to do.  She is always great with our niece, Addie.  Brianna will keep her busy or even just be a cuddle bug when that’s what Addie needed.

She is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I can’t wait to share my love for her with a child.  She is my partner.  She keeps me on track, and makes me want to be a better person all the time.  She loves to cuddle.  She makes everyone in her life feel important and needed.  She is quick to laugh, and looks for the good in everyone.  Whenever she has a big project, she tackles it with spunk and determination.  She has no problem standing up for herself and those she loves.

We met online.  Josh was attracted to Brianna’s sense of humor and spunk.  Brianna was attracted to Josh’s corny jokes and his proper grammar.  We got married three years later in Brianna’s hometown in the same church that her parents and brother were married.  We live in Indianapolis and ended up buying a house around the block from Josh’s parents, the same neighborhood he grew up in.

Honesty and openness are important in our marriage.  We really are each other’s best friend.  We talk about everything and enjoy a night on the couch watching a stupid movie as much as we enjoy a night out.  We love hosting game nights at our house playing Cards Against Humanity, our favorite game.  Every summer we spend a long weekend in Michigan with Josh’s family, and every December we go to a cabin in Nashville, Indiana with Brianna’s family.

We live with Zoey our 11-year-old, six-pound papillion.  She loves protecting the house against squirrels, rabbits, and delivery drivers.  She also loves standing next to Josh and making him look ridiculous walking a tiny dog.  She spends most of her time laying on the back of the couch like a cat, she’s a little confused as to what dogs are supposed to act like.

Josh has two brothers, Ben and Zach, who are roommates and live just fifteen minutes away.  They are both former military and can’t wait to spoil a niece or nephew.  They are definitely going to be the uncles who will take our kid on adventures and hikes.  Josh’s parents, Jean and Dick, live a block away and have been talking about a grandchild since before we were even married.  Dick is excited to take his grandchild fishing and Jean has cleared her schedule to be our full-time babysitter.

Brianna comes from a very large extended family (her dad has 12 brothers and sisters and she has 31 first cousins).  Most of her family still lives in her hometown in southeastern Indiana, and we go back as often as we can.  She has an older brother, Eric, and younger sister, Malia.  Eric is married to Meghan.  He works in sales and Meghan is a sixth grade English teacher.  They have two kids, Addie (10) and Deacon (7).  They are so excited to have a cousin to play sports and video games with and to swim with in grandma and grandpa’s pool.  Malia lives in Cincinnati and works in HR at a major hotel.  We all love exploiting her hotel discount and traveling as much as possible.  Connie and Lloyd are Brianna’s parents and they’ve already started pulling out all the baby stuff!

We live in a four-bedroom house in Indianapolis.  We have a spacious, fenced backyard with a fire pit.  There is an elementary school literally being built in our backyard.  Our neighborhood is extremely diverse and it’s the type of street that kids ride their bikes on and people walk their dogs.  We love working in the yard and grilling on our back porch.  We have a room for a nursery all cleared out and ready to decorate.  We need a tie-breaker to pick the theme!

As we talk about everything, we’ve spent a great deal of time talking about how we want to raise our children.  We want to be fun and supportive.  We want to focus on education and make everything a learning experience.  We handle everything as a team and both want to be hands-on parents.  We’re ready to let our kid take the lead and tell us what their needs are. We understand how important a child’s identity is and part of that identity includes you! We are eager to get to know you and develop an open adoption!

  • I majored in Theatre in college and have written and directed several plays that have been produced locally.
  • I love Harry Potter and have read all the books many times.
  • I've played guitar since I was 13.
  • I can burp on command (better than Josh!)
  • My first job was when I was 12, washing dishes in the VFW bar. I've always had a job since.
  • My feet are claustrophobic and I'd rather wear flip flops.
  • I love to sing and kill at karaoke.
  • I'm a history nerd and am obsessed with The Tudors.
  • When I get stressed, I cry really hard for one minute, then immediately know what to do. It's a weird super power.
  • I grew up country and can build a fire, ride a horse, and tip a cow with the best of them.
  • I can build a computer from just spare parts.
  • I once won a sword fight without a sword.
  • I'm stupidly strong and demo’d my in-laws kitchen bare-handed (at their request).
  • I do an awesome wookiee call.
  • I love dinosaurs.
  • I have a super sense of smell and can sniff out injustice.
  • I have jokes for every occasion.
  • I spoke my first sentence at 9 months old.
  • I played football in high school.
  • Jedi are better than wizards.
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