Ashley & Sterling

Our Story

Hi! We are Sterling and Ashley; we live in Southeastern Indiana with our dog Ruger. Sterling is a pipefitter with a local union and Ashley is a victim advocate for one of the local prosecutor’s offices. We have been married five years and together for almost eight! We love anything outdoors and try to spend as much time as we can outside. We also love to cook together! We love spending the afternoon with our niece and nephews and enjoy having sleepovers with them at our house. We have a very close extended family on both sides and enjoy spending as much time as possible with them. Faith and family are very important to us! We cannot wait to meet you and are excited to get to know you!

Sterling from Ashley

Sterling is one of the most genuine and hardworking individuals I have ever met. He cares about those closest to him with his whole heart and would do anything for them. I joke that he never stops, from sunup to sundown. He is always working on something and loves to tinker with anything and everything. He has a very nurturing and calm nature that I cannot wait to see come through as a parent. He is always teaching the neighborhood children things and letting them help him work on projects in the garage. He is the fun-loving uncle who is always up to play with our niece and nephews! Every time we see them, they come running for him to give him hugs and play, it melts my heart to see him with them! Sterling is full of jokes and always makes sure that our family enjoys life and has a fun time! He is also a wonderful “fur dad” to our “fur child” Ruger. It is clear how much of a priority he is to him each and every day!  Sterling will be an amazing father who is loving, funny, and nurturing!

Ashley from Sterling

Ashley is a kindhearted caring person who puts family before all. Ashley has a way of making the room glow; it is almost like a rock-star on stage! Her persona is that of an angel as she sees the good in all people and helps anytime she can. I have lived with her for 5 years now and she hasn’t killed her first bug or spider! Ashely is always behind me and my projects no matter how outlandish she thinks they are and sometimes will help. Ashley loves our four-legged son and loves spoiling and caring for him. Ashley is my rock and I know she will be there for me in times of stress; she is calm and always finds a solution. The way Ashley plays with our niece and nephews assures me she is going to be a great mother.  Everyone who meets Ashley loves her and I know you will too!


Family and Friends

We are both very family oriented and love spending as much time as possible with both sides of our family. With Sterling’s family we enjoy cookouts and pool days during the summer with all of his brothers and their families gathered at his mom and dad’s house. We also enjoy celebrating holidays and birthdays together and game nights! With Ashley’s mom and dad, we enjoy family lunch after church on Sunday’s and going Ranger riding in the summer months! We also enjoy card nights and going to dinner together.  Ashley has a large extended family that we see frequently though-out the year.  We love getting the whole family together and catching up with everyone at our family parties. We cannot wait to see our own little one running around and playing with all of Ashley’s cousins’ kids! Our family is so excited for the new addition!

We have several friends that we consider family. We enjoy getting together with them whenever possible for a backyard barbecue or bonfire, or at a local restaurant. We are so fortunate to have such a fun and supportive group of friends! We both have a few friends with children, and some that are just beginning their journey into married life. They are all so excited for us and cannot wait to meet our little one!


We live in a very rural part of Southeastern Indiana. We are surrounded by the beautiful outdoors! We live on a small dead-end street with a mixture of families throughout many stages of their lives in our neighborhood. Our home is a bi-level brick home with three bedrooms and a basement that is ready for plenty of play! We have enjoyed making updates to our home since moving in over three years ago. We enjoy being only ten minutes from town but being away from the hustle and bustle at the same time! Our neighborhood is very welcoming and friendly, and we talk regularly with our neighbors. The public schools in our area have wonderful ratings and we have heard nothing but good things about them for the parents and children in our neighborhood. We live approximately thirty minutes from both Ohio and Kentucky making it an easy drive to do day trips within the tri-state area!

On Parenting

We are very excited to become first time parents! We prioritize filling our home with love, laughter, and memories. We will strive to raise our child to be a kind, respectful, and compassionate individual! We will teach them the importance of honesty and a hard work ethic. We will approach parenting as a team, working together to do what is best for our child, and putting them first and foremost always. We will make education a priority in our home and work with our child to make sure they have the most successful future possible. They will know that there is endless amounts of love and protection in our home! We have a village that we are so grateful for who are eager to help us in caring for and bringing up our child!

Adoption will be spoke about in our home from birth and we will make it a priority for our child to know that they are loved by everyone in their lives! We prioritize family in our household and look forward to building a relationship with you and getting to know you!

  • I am an FFA State Quiz Bowl Champion.
  • I love goats!
  • I can name most country songs by hearing the first few words.
  • I have watched every episode of Criminal Minds and Gilmore Girls.
  • I collect spoons from places I have visited throughout the years!
  • I love to have dance parties anywhere!
  • I prefer a burger and fries over a fancy meal any day.
  • I am an ultimate bag lady; you can never have too many!
  • I loved to clean out the barn as a kid.
  • I drive by landmarks; compass words are not my thing.
  • I started racing BMX at age 3
  • I have 3 motorcycles .
  • My garage is my decompression area.
  • I started working on cars when I was 8.
  • I love being on a farm and working the land.
  • I have a hobby RC collection.
  • I raced dirt bikes for 4 years.
  • I am terrible with money ( good thing Ashley does the finances).
  • I wear boots 7 days a week.
  • I love to mow grass!
  • I love to play catch but will not give up the ball!
  • I like to be where my family is, I always want to know what is going on!
  • I like to sneak toys into the garage when dad leaves the door open.
  • I am terrified of baby gates.
  • My mom and dad bought a crew cab truck just so I could have my own back seat!
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