Anna & Dan

Our Story

Hi! We are Dan and Anna; we have been married for 5 years, and known each other for 14. Both of us work in education, supporting students and teachers. We have known for most of our relationship that we would adopt, and have experience with adoption–Anna’s four younger sisters were all adopted from China. We enjoy traveling and experiencing new places, cultures, and especially food. We also really enjoy spending time at home with each other and our dog, Beasley. We are excited to get to know you and to become parents!

About Us

We met in school and quickly became close friends. Then, after spending a year apart, we began dating, realizing how important we were to each other. This close friendship forms the glue that holds our relationship together. We are comfortable talking about everything with each other and trust each other’s advice, thoughts, and judgment. When we encounter challenges we talk about them and work through them together so that we can be stronger on the other side. This has been especially important when we have run into challenging points in our lives, leading to new jobs, careers and locations. We are both interested in music, and like to watch and listen together. We also both enjoy cooking and exploring different types of food both from the variety of restaurants in our town and when we travel, as well as trying to recreate foods we love at home.

Dan about Anna

From the first time I met Anna I was incredibly impressed by her in countless ways. My first impressions focused on how smart, organized and prepared she was for every situation. Those facts remain, but over time I have come to value her caring for others and empathy above all else.  She always tries to understand the perspectives of others, and she cares about both the good and bad events in people’s lives, even when she has not seen them for many years.  I know that her empathy, caring, and generosity will serve as a great model for our child and help us supporting our child through even the most difficult times.  Anna is such a positive, fun person who encourages her sisters and cousins so often; I’m excited to see her as a mom! She will be a natural!

Anna on Dan

I have always felt comfortable around Dan, and know I can trust and rely on him. I now also see how his calmness and thoughtfulness puts others at ease. I really admire his dedication to lifting others up, whether it’s through teaching or working for equity in our community. I know that he will be a supportive and open father, calmly talking through difficult situations and encouraging exploration and independence. His openness and honesty about emotions will set a great example. I’ve seen his patience and playfulness in connecting with my nephew, cousins, and sisters (they were still kids when we met), and know that he will be a wonderful dad!

Our Families

Dan has a relatively small yet close family, including a brother who is expecting his first child this summer, and a cousin who got married this year. Anna’s family is incredibly large and Anna serves as the central communicator across a network of aunts, uncles and cousins as well as her own parents and sisters. Since becoming quarantined, she has organized weekly virtual hangouts for everyone to stay in touch. Anna’s aunts, uncles, cousins, and especially her sisters, are so excited for this adoption! Anna’s nephew, Zayn, loves to share and is looking forward to having a cousin!

Our Community

We live in a suburban area of West Lafayette, a block from the library and down the street from both the Elementary and Middle schools. We built our home with four bedrooms knowing that we planned to adopt a child, and wanting room for family to visit us. Our neighbors come from all walks of life and kids ride bikes together and play. We have a fenced backyard, where Beasley loves to run. We have multiple friends who live close by, and we try to get together for brunch on weekends.


We expect to draw our approach to parenting on our work in education both as teachers and mentors. We believe in the need to balance structure and freedom, emphasizing our child’s ability to explore and pursue their own interests. We view our role as being there to support our child in whatever paths they choose, providing guidance, sharing our experience, and connecting them with others when appropriate. Like our own relationship, we want our relationship with our child to be based on trust and communication, and we are willing to persist even when this inevitably becomes a challenge at various points in their life. We do not believe in any type of physical or emotional discipline, but rather transparency, communication, and patience.

We each plan to take the 12 weeks of parental leave from our employers, and will stagger our leave in order to spend as much time with our child as possible. There are excellent childcare and educational programs through the local university, and we are already on the waitlist for all of them.

Thanks for reading a bit about us! We look forward to developing a relationship with you, and getting to know you. We respect and value whatever decision you make.

  • I am the oldest of 5 girls, and am 20 years older than my youngest sister!
  • Though I have many artists in my family (including 2 of my sisters), I can’t even color in the lines!
  • I enjoy baking to de-stress, and sharing the bread, cupcakes, and cookies with people I love.
  • I play computer games with hidden objects, and got my sisters interested in them, too!
  • I’m really excited about family baby hand-me-downs--I’m so glad my mom and sister kept them!
  • I like ice cream more than cake--my mom once said to me “You can’t have any more ice cream until you eat your cake!”
  • I sometimes trip on air, and so do my sisters--it’s a family thing!
  • I often make a mess in the kitchen, and Dan does the dishes :)
  • I am the handy one, and like opportunities to use the drill around the house.
  • I love dressing up for Halloween--my favorite was Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz!
  • I have an aversion to bananas (this was difficult when I worked at Cold Stone and made banana splits).
  • I enjoy cooking, but rarely use a recipe.
  • I like reading science fiction and fantasy novels (N.K. Jemisin is my favorite author).
  • I never owned or used a calendar until about 5 years ago.
  • I try to get everywhere early.
  • I am really bad at sitting through a whole movie, but can binge watch a TV series in a weekend.
  • I like playing strategy and role-playing video games to relax.
  • I would much rather listen to new music I haven’t heard yet then my favorite songs repeatedly.
  • I enjoy running but I go really slowly.
  • I dyed my hair blue/green when I was 20, but there are no pictures of it so Anna doesn’t believe it’s true.
  • The doctor says that I am old and geriatric, but I disagree and love to run around and play.
  • I spend my days on the couch, looking out the front window, saying “Hello” to dogs and people outside.
  • I am excited for a baby because the babies I know tend to share their food with me.
  • The first five years of my life involved moving around a lot before finding my forever home here.
  • I am trained to come and clean up messes when my mom says “oops!”.
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