Andrea & David

Hi! We are David and Andrea and we have been married for over 2 years and together for 6 years.

David works as a software engineer for a large company in Indianapolis, and Andrea runs the operations for a nanny company. We enjoy taking weekly dance lessons, spending time with family and friends, watching tv, and spending time with our fur-kids.

We both come from communities of love and support with friends and family who are very excited about us adopting. We can’t wait to meet you!

ABOUT DAVID (From Andrea)
David is a thinker. He takes time to pause, to calmly assess the situation, and to choose as logical of a solution as he can. Sometimes this drives me a little crazy, but he is a good balance for me!  He is one of the most loving, supportive, and goofy people I know. This is why I know he’ll make a great father. He is committed to his family and making sure that we are happy, safe, and loved.

 When he’s not typing at his computer or watching TV with me, he can be found streaming procedural cop shows like Blue Bloods (yuck) or reading sci-fi books like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Andrea is the type to take control of a situation, going to whatever lengths it takes to make sure her family experiences the best possible outcome. She enjoys watching spookier shows on Netflix, the ones rich with lore such as Supernatural and Sabrina,  delves into Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch and immerses herself in her favorite author, Nora Roberts (lame, I know).

 Growing up in a Panamanian-American household, Andrea brought certain traditions with her, such as integrating arroz con pollo into holiday meals, sancocho to cure whatever ailment is circulating through the household, and blaring salsa music on the kitchen speaker system while preparing those meals. The family she built smelling of warmth and tradition, her mama-bear protective nature if her family is threatened, and the biggest grin you’ll ever see when everyone is getting along… that’s how I’ll know she’ll make a great mom.

We met in college and have been together for six years and married for two. We built a solid friendship before we began dating which we are very thankful for! In college, David was a ballroom dancer while Andrea was a bellydancer. We still love to dance and we take ballroom dance classes together weekly.

We believe in supporting each other’s interests, laughing as often as we can, forgiving quickly, and focusing on loving our family and friends which has led to amazing relationships!

We decided that we wanted to build our family through adoption after severe infertility problems on both sides. The universe made it pretty clear that becoming parents in the “traditional” way wasn’t the path for us. We don’t view ourselves as traditional anyway and we quickly gravitated toward adoption. We are also very excited about having an open adoption and look forward to partnering with you!

We love our neighborhood in the north Indianapolis suburbs. We live in a diverse neighborhood with amazing schools. Andrea’s younger sister lives in-home with and she couldn’t be more excited to be “the favorite aunt”. Please don’t judge us when we say, we have FIVE pets who share our home. Alpha the dopey doberman, Minnie the queen (cat), Fiona (Minnie’s feline sidekick), Victor Hugo the loner (cat), and Kirby who is solute perfection (we think he’s a dog, but too cute to tell).

We have an amazing support of family and friends in Indianapolis. Andrea’s mother and father both live in the area and are so excited for us! David’s parents don’t live quite so close but his grandparents and parents live in northern Indiana and southern Michigan.

We have two really close friends who both also have young children who are like nieces and nephews to us. Here’s what they have to say about us!!

“My daughter loves going to her “TT and Uncle David’s” house for great food, dancing, and sharing stories. David is such a great caregiver and Andrea always has something fun for them to do together. They will truly be amazing parents!”

“They love us and our child unconditionally. For countless reasons, we know we are so incredibly blessed to have them in our family.”


Our lives are incredibly vibrant and fun. There is never a quiet day in our home and we love it.

We are hoping to build a relationship of openness with our adoption
and we hope to tailor that relationship together with you.

  • Was a competitive ballroom dancer
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with crime dramas, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Law & Order
  • Terrified of swimming in the ocean
  • Pokemon Elitist, only plays the games from 90’s
  • Ideal vacation for David: Going to a Tech Conference
  • He really, really loves John Barrowman
  • Enjoys everything geek and his favorite hero: Spider-Man
  • Loves musicals, specifically the Book of Mormon and In the Heights
  • Obsessed with fruit, will eat all the fruit in the house in 2 days
  • Board member of a charity, that he helped create
  • Born in Central America and lived in 5 different countries before the age of 3 (military brat)
  • Has an unhealthy obsession with teen dramas: Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi
  • Says she’s a rock climber but hasn’t gone in a month
  • Loves projects: painting, sewing, etc
  • Really, really loves Disney Movies…She can sing all the songs from memory
  • Is not afraid of spiders, just can’t be in the same building as any
  • Speaks in spanglish often, not realizing the reason for others’ confusion
  • Can’t wink – blinks both eyes and SWEARS she’s winking
  • Really loves “reality” ghost shows, for no good reason
  • Hand-makes all her costumes for Halloween and comic con events
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