Chris & Katie

Our Story

Hi!  We are Chris and Katie!  We are so excited to become parents.  We live close to downtown Indianapolis with our dog, Kramer.  We have been together for over 10 years and married for 4.  Chris works for the post office and helps teach the new hires.  Katie works as a family medicine doctor and takes care of lots of pregnant patients and babies.  We love to walk around the city, go for hikes and spend time with family.  We can’t wait to take our future child on many adventures as we love to explore the National Parks!  We each have large families and our child will grow up with family close by.  We would love to get to know you!

We are from the same hometown, although we did not really know each other very well in high school.  Years later, we were working similar jobs and started spending time together due to mutual friends.  We got along so well and had similar interests,  we started dating and have been together since.  We even had a long distance relationship when Katie was in Medical School, which taught us a lot about investing in our relationship.  We moved to Indianapolis together in 2016 where we purchased our first home and we love it!  We always enjoy spending time with each other and our dog.  We are looking forward to the next step in our story, becoming parents.

Chris’ words about Katie:

Katie gets the absolute best out of everyone that she is around.  I know that she is my biggest fan and I want nothing more than to be my best for her.  She has incredible determination and drive to achieve her lofty goals. She has developed such strong bonds and relationships over the years with friends and colleagues alike. I love watching her interact with our nieces and nephew.  They adore their Aunt Katie and enjoy playing board games such as Clue, Candyland, and Jumanji with her.  She is a nurturing dog mom to our dog, Kramer and I know her care and support for our future child will be ten times that!  I believe that these characteristics will make her a great mom.

Katie’s words about Chris:  

Chris is one of the kindest people you will ever meet!  He seems very quiet at first, but I can assure you he is not!  Chris constantly shows his love for others through acts of kindness whether that is taking extra time to help someone at work, going above and beyond to make sure I am well taken care of or spoiling our dog with many walks, treats and constant attention. He is very active in the lives of our nieces and nephew and he is one of their favorite people.  I am so grateful to have him in my life, I cannot imagine a better partner.  He is genuine, loving and always kind.  He will go down in the hall of fame for the kind of father I know he will be.  He will be an amazing role model and love our child unconditionally.  I cannot wait to be alongside him for this next chapter.

Our Community:

We live in a smaller urban community outside of downtown Indianapolis with many exciting things to do.  We have a lovely backyard with a garden and have been growing tomatoes, peppers, carrots and garlic.  Many of our neighbors have young children.  We go for walks nightly and many families are out with their small children and dogs throughout the neighborhood.  We have plenty of parks and walking trails nearby.  We can easily walk to several coffee shops, restaurants and ice cream stores!

Our Family:

We are very close to both sides of our family!  We are fortunate that our families live very close to one another.  When we go home to visit, which is very often, we are able to see everyone since they live only a few miles apart!  We want our child to grow up around family just how we did.  Our child will feel special on both sides of our family.  This will be the first grandchild for Katie’s parents and  Chris’ side already has plenty of cousins to grow up with.  Our nieces and nephew are really looking forward to a little cousin!

Parenting Values:

We plan to be very involved and dedicated parents showing continued support in whatever may come.  We plan to act as role models showing them our love and kindness not only for each other but those around us.  Our child will be the center of our world.  We plan to encourage them to follow their interests, but will guide them throughout their life as needed.  We promise to always always work hard and do what is best for our child.  We welcome an open adoption and truly believe the more love for our child, the better!     

Fun Facts



  • I am a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs. I cannot wait to take our future child to Wrigley Field!
  • I am an old soul. On most Sundays you will find me sitting on the couch reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.
  • I have always been fascinated with history. While driving I often listen to several different history podcasts.
  • I usually walk Kramer 3-5 miles every day. He loves it!
  • Many of my favorite memories growing up were from family vacations.
  • I am fortunate enough to spend every lunch break at home with our dog, Kramer. We love to play outside or go for another short walk.
  • Every year I carve a watermelon in a different design for our 4th of July family party.
  • I enjoy grilling out, especially on summer nights.
  • Growing up I always loved Star Wars. When our niece was 2 years old we bought her a Darth Vader outfit which she wore for years. She now loves Star Wars as much as I do!
  • Over the past 2 years I have been learning to make homemade pies. My favorite is still apple!


  • I love reading just about anything but some of my favorites are Wuthering Heights and Agatha Christie mysteries. I cannot wait to read to our child someday!
  • My most favorite part of the day is drinking coffee with Chris in the morning before work. I look forward to this every single day.
  • I enjoy learning new things. Some of the recent classes and adventures: glass making, wine tasting and cheese making classes.
  • I grew up in the country and riding horses. My parents still own them.
  • I have been in school forever and have lived in several different states but I have always come back to Indiana to be closer to family.
  • I love stale popcorn, especially leftover movie popcorn!
  • Gardening has been a fun hobby in the last few years. I love growing things in the yard that we can make into meals!
  • I love our evening walks with Kramer through our neighborhood.
  • I enjoy being outside, hiking and traveling to new places!
  • We have seen over 20 of the National Parks and hope to see them all someday! Our favorite has been Glacier National Park, but Yosemite will always be special as it is where we went on our Honeymoon.
    • I love to go on walks with my parents. My dad walks me around 5 miles each day! Mom only goes on a few miles, she can’t hang!
    • I bark at people until they start to pet me!
    • I sleep with a blanket that I drag out of the closet every night.
    • I love my nieces and nephew, so I know I will get along well with my little brother or sister.
    • If you give me a treat, I will love you forever.


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