Adoptive Placement

Pre-Adoption Education

Pre-adoption workshops are provided several times each year to families completing their adoptive home study. These workshops offer families an inside look into the world of an adoptive family.

Patricia Irwin Johnston, one of our nation’s foremost respected adoption educators, authors, and the retired publisher of Perspectives Press educates our families on how to prepare themselves to become adoptive parents. Tara Vanderwoude, a nationally respected adoption educator prepares our prospective adoptive parents to better understand issues related to transracial adoption. Our professional staff provides workshops on understanding birth parents, the adoption process, transracial adoption and multiculturalism, and understanding adoptive issues throughout your child’s development.

Birth parents, adoptive parents, and adult adoptees volunteer their time to educate our families about adoption. These pre-adoption workshops are a requirement of the adoptive home study and are offered several times throughout the year.

In addition to pre-adoption workshops Adoptions of Indiana provides a myriad of post-adoption seminars and workshops to meet the needs of adoptive families. They are directed toward adoptive parents, school age children, tweens, teens, and adult adoptees.

Please refer to the Sessions and Workshop to learn more about our educational offerings.

Post-Placement Supervision

After a child has been placed in your home through either a domestic or international adoption our agency will provide post-placement supervision and support services. The purpose of post-placement services are to provide adoptive families with support, education, and referrals to needed resources, as well as to report back to the Court, international adoption agency or the foreign country’s officials.

Our staff will meet with your family and then provide a written report that outlines how the child is developing and the adoptive family is adjusting. The number and frequency of post-placement visits depends upon the requirements of the Court, sending state, placing agency, country, and the discretion of Adoptions of Indiana.

Often, new adoptive parents worry that their inexperience with the child or need for assistance will cast a negative tone on their ability to raise the child. As a new parent, adoptive parents are likely to need some guidance and encouragement. Be honest about your questions and concerns; our staff are prepared to help you. We want your new family to feel secure and we want to help meet your needs.

Counseling, Education, & Support

No one expects you to become a perfect adoptive parent overnight. And no one is expecting you to make a major life change with minimal adjustment. Adoptions of Indiana understands that the adoption process merely begins at finalization. Now that you are parents, you will likely have more adoption related questions and need occasional support.

Adoptions of Indiana will be available to provide support and assistance to your family throughout your family’s adoptive lifecycle. We work to build a strong rapport with families so that they know that we will be a resource for them when needed. We will also refer you to qualified resources and educational materials as they pertain to your unique situation.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of continuing education programs for adoptive families as well as programs directed at the specific needs of children, tweens, teens, and adult adoptees.

For more information about our individual & family counseling services, contact

South Africa Program

Adoptions of Indiana has partnered with Spence-Chapin to find families for children with special needs from South Africa.

Spence-Chapin is one of two US international placement agencies licensed to provide adoption services in South Africa.  Their South African partner agency is the well respected Johannesburg Child Welfare Center.

“Spence-Chapin’s adoption program focuses on finding families for young children with special needs and sibling groups. There is a specific focus in finding families for children who are HIV+.  Children receive excellent medical treatment from the time they come into care.”

So much has changed in treatment for HIV in the last 30 years. With ARVs children can have a normal life expectancy and are able to have participate fully in life. Spence-Chapin has provided a short webinar called HIV Myth vs. Fact

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Adoptions of Indiana is taking the necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of our staff and the children and families we serve by implementing new visiting procedures that align with guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control.