Adam & Jennifer

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Adam & Jennifer

We are Adam, Jennifer, Allison, and Lauren. We are a fun-loving family who is excited to be on our third adoption journey! Jennifer is a manager in Human Resources who enjoys trying new baking projects and exploring parks. Adam is an IT Network Engineer who is an aviation enthusiast and has had his pilot's license since he was 17.

As a family, we love day trips and staycations. A day at the zoo, a walk in the park, an evening at the farmers market, or building a backyard water park is our definition of fun!

Having two preschoolers means we have a very active lifestyle, but we both work from home with flexible schedules, which has given us plenty of special time each day where we focus on each of our children.

We want you to know, we have a passion for building our family through adoption. We have two open adoptions and we cannot wait to meet you and work together on a plan to give another child our love and attention!

Our LOVE Story:

We have been married ten years and together for 15 years.  We first met during our junior year of high school and became best friends very quickly.  We were (and still are!) the kind of friends that could talk for hours-on-end every day.  In fact, on our first date, a lady at the movie theater asked us if we could talk a little less! Oops! Today, we love taking a cup of coffee out to the back porch to sip while we chat.

As long as we have been together, growing our family through adoption was always part of our dream.  In January of 2019, our dream came true when Allison was born!  And in 2022, our dream came true all over again with sweet Lauren joining our family through our second open adoption.  Playing as a family every day brings us joy and we would love to add another voice to the squealing and laughter that fills our home!


About Adam (Written By Jennifer):

When Allison was a toddler, she and daddy started a special morning tradition where first they would make coffee with a silly dance and then they would cuddle up and watch “The Octonauts” together on the couch before heading off to start the work day or school day.  These few minutes in the morning have become a treasure to Allison, where she looks forward to deep chats or silly tickles to start her morning.

This year, we added an evening game to the family routine.  As soon as the toys are picked up after dinner, we play a game called “boo” with made-up rules that includes lots of chasing around and shrieking and tickles.  These few minutes at the beginning and end of each day illustrate exactly the kind of dad Adam is - his world revolves around spending time with his kids.

In addition to being an amazing dad, Adam has a great sense of humor, makes the best cheesecake, loves to plan ahead, has an aptitude for learning new things, and loves his Nana more than anyone else I know!


About Jennifer (Written By Adam):

Jennifer is the kind of person that always goes the extra mile to take care of someone.  To illustrate, when Allison was only a few weeks old and we were very sleep deprived, Jen would stay awake for several hours in the middle of the night to play with Allison because she was reverse cycling and in the mood to play.  She could have simply rocked Allison back to sleep but she happily went along with what the baby wanted to do.  With Lauren's first few weeks of life, she needed lots of cuddle care, so Jen learned how to wear Lauren in a soft fabric wrap most of the day, so Lauren would never be without hugs.  I always suspected Jennifer would be an excellent mother, but seeing her be a mother to the girls has blown away even my highest expectations.

Jennifer has always found a ways to combine being a caretaker and a hard worker.  She works part time - balancing a career as a manager with pouring attention into our girls.  During the hours she isn’t working - she takes the kids to the library, park, plans play dates, or plans at-home-activities like sensory bins and painting.


Being Parents:

In our home, meals around the table and reading stories together are daily staples. Every day, we work with the kids on learning-through-play activities such as building puzzles. Whenever the weather allows, we spend a lot of time outdoors exploring and getting messy!

Right now, we are focusing on teaching the kids how important it is to treat others with kindness. As they grow, we really want to instill in them skills to be able to make good decisions on their own, so we talk about choices a-lot. Most importantly, every day, we make sure we tell the kids “I’m proud of you” and “I love you!” many times!

We both have careers that are work-from-home with a lot of flexibility. Each of our kids attend part-time preschool programs where they make friends and have fun!  Our favorite part about this flexible schedule is we often get to eat 3 meals a day as a family!


About Our Adoption Stories:

Every adoption is unique and telling our children their special adoption story is important to us. Allison treasures a photo from our first visit with her bio-parents that we display in her bedroom. She knows that she has her birth-mom’s beautiful smile and that she has her bio-dad’s cute tiny ears. Lauren also listens to our favorite books about adoption and has a routine video call with her bio-parents that she enjoys! We embrace openness and believe it is important that each child in our family knows their own story.


Our Home and Community:

If you were to step into our home on a typical Saturday morning you would probably first notice the inviting smell of Adam's homemade lattes and hear some relaxing music playing in the background. Then, you'd take a second glance and notice the girls wearing their tutus and shrieking with glee as they chase after the cats!

Our home sits on a little over 2 acres and features a rolling Indiana cornfield view and a woodline view. On a nice-weathered day, we may be found playing a family game of soccer or filling the baby pool for a little tradition we call “porch, pool, and pizza.”

Our town has lots of great local parks. Our favorite nearby park has a paved trail for strollers and a toddler playground.  We frequent a local zoo and a small farm where the exhibits are set up for toddler height viewing!  There is a splash park near our home that includes a toddler wading area and lazy river.  We also love our library and have a close group of church-friends.


Our Extended Family:

Jen's family likes to hike and camp, visit museums, and enjoys board games and joking around.  Adam's family enjoys great meals and trips together! In both families, the kids are the center of attention! Our families embrace adoption - across our two families, there are TEN adoptees, including our daughters.


In Closing:

Our promise is that there will never be a day your child doesn't know their special story.  And, we know from experience that our parenting style will focus on making sure every day has time spent together as a family - playing, learning, and making memories.  Most importantly, we promise every day, your child will hear so many "I love you's." We are praying for you and would love the opportunity to talk with you more.

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  • I’m an aviation enthusiast, and flew a plane before I drove a car.  I have 400 hours of flight time and several pilot’s licenses.
  • I like making Saturday brunch for the family.  My specialties include biscuits and gravy, omelets, and pancakes.
  • For some, mowing the lawn may be a chore, but for me it’s one of my favorite ways to relax.
  • My favorite holiday memory is the handmade dinner rolls my grandmother makes.  She still makes them to this day!
  • I used to love going out to coffee shops almost every day, but I now have an at-home espresso machine and have mastered making coffee-shop quality mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes.
  • My grandparents insisted that every Easter, all the grandkids had to hunt Easter eggs. This lasted into my early 20s.
  • I traveled to 5 of the 7 continents before I turned 18.
  • My first job in high school was washing semi trucks.
  • One of my favorite memories was building model rockets with my dad and I can’t wait until my kids are old enough that I can do that with them.
  • My Papaw was my biggest role model.


  • I host a funny Christmas party theme for my side of the family almost every year. These have included "Penguins Pancakes, and Pajamas;" “Guacin Around the Christmas Tree;” and “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” This year will be “Choo Choos and Cocoas.”
  • I am a huge fan of  I LOVE LUCY episodes. My mom and I jokingly refer to ourselves as Ethel and Lucy when we have a mishap. 
  • My favorite kind of food is traditional homestyle food. Pot roast, chicken and noodles, and mashed potatoes are some of my favorites.
  • My fluffy orange eight year old cat Ollie is my fur-baby. He often lays on my desk when I am working from home between me and my keyboard.
  • I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but I still really enjoy cooking, sewing, and making jewelry.
  • My favorite childhood memories have been made at lake Michigan!  I love trips to Holland Harbor now as an adult.
  • I love parks! Every year, my mom gifts our family a state park pass so we can go on new adventures.
  • I am good at jigsaw puzzles.
  • I have had the same best friend since I was 13. We look similar and have birthdays just hours apart.  Now, our kids are close in age and we text almost daily comparing notes on being moms of preschoolers.
  • Making memories is my passion. I am a snap-happy photographer because I always want to remember the special moments!


  • I love baking!  Cookie dough cutter projects are one of my favorites.  Did you know, I can even ice my own cupcakes with a piping bag? I always pick out beautiful sparkly sprinkles to make each treat special!
  • I learned to read before I turned three – now I love chapter books!
  • My favorite thing to do is play board games with my parents and grandparents.  Shhhh don’t tell… a great secret is that my dad is very good at playing the game Pretty Pretty Princess.
  • I love to help – and that makes me a fantastic BIG sister!  I can fill my cats’ food bowl, water my garden, and clear my dishes all by myself!
  • My favorite tradition is spending a few days at “Camp Nannie” each summer.  When I am at my grandma’s, we play together and go to places like the orchard and the children’s museum! She has the cutest cat named Siggy that I like to play with while I am there!


  • I love slides! I could play all day!
  • I love to hike! Nature is my happy place.
  • I love to eat, my favorite snack is veggie straws!
  • I am shy, but once I get to know you I become silly and friendly!
  • My big sister is my best friend, and I cannot wait to be a big sister – just like her!

Ollie and Maverick

  • Ollie and Maverick are super snuggly lap cats who usually want to be in on the action wherever the family is at.
  • Adam is Maverick’s person. Jen is Ollie’s person.
  • Ollie’s favorite foods include sweet leftover cereal milk or chicken, he can usually convince Allison to sneak him a bite under the table.
  • Maverick is ten years old but still plays like a kitten. He loves chasing strings that Allison pulls behind her.